Skin Chemists Advanced Lip Plump X-treme Review

Skin Chemists Advanced Lip Plump X-treme Review

The product Advanced Lip Plump X-treme will be examined in this review. This lip-enhancing product is manufactured by the company Skin Chemists which claim that their product can plump, hydrate, and volumize lips, making them appear fuller and more hydrated. In addition, this product is suitable for any skin type. Keep on reading this review to discover more facts about this product: the ingredients, the instructions on how to use this product, whether there is a manufacturer’s guarantee, and the price of this product.

What’s in Advanced Lip Plump X-treme?

  • Volulip
  • Hotflux
  • Corum

These are the three key ingredients found in this product. The substance volulip plumps and hydrates the lips by stimulating production of hyaluronic acid which holds moisture better than other compounds. Hotflux is formulated to increase the blood flow to the lips, thereby making the lips appear fuller. Corum, a menthol-based cooling agent, boosts plumpness of the lips. This product’s formula lacks certain key ingredients such as vitamins A and E, or even wheat extract. Such elements are important components, clinically proven to foster the development of new cells, collagen manufacture, and firming of the lips.

How Do You Use Advanced Lip Plump X-treme?

User instructions are not particularly clear. The product should be applied as you would apply lip gloss. No instruction is given about length of time the user should wait before results will be seen, nor how long results will last.

The Cost

This lip-enhancing product is available online directly from the manufacturer’s own website. A 0.25-fluid ounce tube costs $168.94. The manufacturer offers no discounts nor any package deals.

Is There a Guarantee?

There is a 30-day money-back guarantee on this product, however, it must be returned unused. This means that consumer cannot test the product, without losing the guarantee offered by the manufacturer.

The Conclusion of Our Advanced Lip Plump X-treme Review

Advanced Lip Plump X-treme does appear a useful product that can make lips appear fuller and more hydrated. The product comes with a money-back guarantee and the ingredients used seem promising. However, this product still lacks quality and clinically proven ingredients. Also, the guarantee does not allow the consumer to test the product to gauge whether it might result in side effects or whether it is ineffective for the user. The lack of any discounts or any bulk options means that the user cannot save money, as with other comparable products on the market. User instructions are not very clear. This jeopardizes any results the consumer could have had. Last but not least, to return the product, a covering letter giving reasons for this must accompany the untested product. Against all these facts, it should also be mentioned that there are many other product on the market currently that claims to offer the same results, but are backed by better quality ingredients, mostly clinically proven ingredients, firm guarantees that protect the end user, attractive package deals with discounts that can save the end user money over the long term and loads of positive consumer reviews about their product. Unlike this product.

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