Dr Thrower Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion for Skin Brightener

Dr Thrower Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion Review

Dr Thrower Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion

Dr Thrower Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion













            Uneven pigmentation is something that affects many of us at some point, whether this is due to sun damage, liver spots or something else altogether. If only there were something reliable to help fade those spots, right? Well, Doctor Thrower thinks he has just the answer in his Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion which should give you rather permanent results after 2 to 3 months of use. It also contains a lot of hydration and moisturization. Let’s review this skin lightener to see what it’s all about.

            What’s In Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion?

            • Hydroquinone 2%
            • Argan Oil
            • Tamanu Oil
            • Sonne Natural Vegetable Oil
            • Tea Tree Oil
            • Shea Butter
            • Cocoa Butter
            • Hyaluronic Acid

            Hydroquinone is safe for over-the-counter use at 2%. It is a substance that stops melanin, which gives the skin colour, from forming. However, it is considered controversial as long-term use has been linked to skin cancer, birth defects and other diseases. It also means that you must protect your skin with SPF. What is good though is that the formula contains an effective moisture barrier in the form of Hyaluronic Acid. This is 1000 times more effective than other known compounds at retaining moisture, so it stays sealed below the epidermis where it is needed. The benefits of argan oil cannot be overstated – it is to skin what Moringa is to the body, a superlative carrier of nourishment. Tea Tree oil is an incredible antioxidant, therefore helping to keep skin looking young, as well as an amazing antifungal agent. This would help with spot control. Shea butter has been clinically proven as a superior moisturizing agent and cocoa butter also nourishes, while providing antioxidant benefits. However, key botanicals that have been clinically proven to produce even skin tone long term, are missing. These include Gypsyweed, Alpenrose, Mallow, Peppermint Oil and more.

            How Do You Use Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion?

            Keep the product away from your eyes and when you start to use it, bear in mind that you may experience mild skin irritation. If the irritation is severe, cease using Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion. If you’re under 12, make sure you have a doctor’s permission to use this product. Use this product twice a day, applying a thin layer. You can use it overnight. The manufacturer recommends that you use it after applying cleanser, toner and moisturizer in each case. Make sure the day scrub contains SPF 30.

            The Cost

            A 6.8 Oz container of Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion retails for $30.77 on the product website. However, you will only pay $27.69 should you choose a subscription. The manufacturer says you can cancel your subscription at any time but we always caution that in reality, numerous consumers find that they are still charged subsequent to cancelling auto-ship subscriptions across an array of products from various manufacturers that are available in this way.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            The refund policy is incredibly inhibiting and restrictive. You can get a refund or exchange within 7 days of receiving the product only. In addition, you can only return an unopened jar of Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion that is still in its original condition. Some kind of return policy is better than none, but because of the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer, this leaves you with little peace of mind as to whether the product works or not. Usually, the more confident a manufacturer is in their products, the more time you will have to return it, and you should also be able to return partially used goods. We consider 60 days upwards to be a strong policy. This one falls far short.

            The Conclusion of Our Skin Lightening Moisturizing Lotion Review

            The product is intensely nourishing on many levels. It contains shea butter, which is a clinically proven superior moisturizing agent. The agent used to seal in moisture and keep the skin hydrated, glowing and elastic is also the best there is. It is important to remember that the method of melanin inhibition used here is not a natural one and as such comes with documented links in the long term to serious skin diseases such as cancer. It remains a popular agent for skin lightening but besides the harshness, it is also worth remembering that once you stop using it, the melanin or colour of the spot will return after time. This is why leading scientists do not favour this approach and opt instead for lighteners containing clinically proven ingredients such as Peppermint, Alpenrose, Mallow, Gypsyweed and more. Finally, we would be extremely hesitant to recommend a product that offers only the most meagre of guarantees to consumers. This in itself says a lot about what can be expected realistically of the product. Confident manufacturers provide very comprehensive guarantee policies as they have little to lose, knowing the consumer discontent with the product will be minimal in the first place. Judging by the virtual lack of a meaningful guarantee, this does not seem to be the case here.

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