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            Tens of millions of adults battle insomnia. Left untreated, it could lead to incapacity to work or function properly, nervous system breakdowns and even depression. There are many drug-type medications available, but these are usually addictive. As a result, the natural sleep aid market is flourishing. One such product we review today is called Somulin. Somulin’s manufacturers make the very bold claim that it is the most powerful all-natural sleep aid available today.

            Let us see what the ingredients are, and if it is likely to restore your sleep-wake cycles better than any other product. The thyroid and pineal gland make and release signals and neurohormones such as melatonin and serotonin to induce sleep. Many lifestyle factors such as persistent worry can impede sleep – but so can factors related to a lack of nutrients the body needs to be able to shut down and relax at night, so you feel refreshed in the morning.

            What’s in Somulin?

            • Melatonin – You need this hormone in order to fall asleep. Clinical trials have found melatonin supplementation to be a good ‘cure’ for insomnia.
            • Valerian Root – A herbal calming and sleep agent.
            • Hops – Reduce anxiety as a herb and instill restful sleep.
            • Lemon Balm – Induces and maintains a tranquil state.
            • Lavender – Suppresses anxiety and stress to aid a good night’s rest
            • Passion Flower – A botanical sedative.
            • Serotain – This increases levels of both melatonin and serotonin. Both are required for a good night’s rest.
            • German chamomile – Soothes the nervous system.
            • Skullcap – Soothes the nervous system by decreasing feelings of angst or worry.

            How Do You Take Somulin?

            Take 1 to 2 Somulin capsules 30 to 60 minutes before you plan to go to sleep. Do not exceed the recommended dosage or give this to children, or consume with alcohol. Do not do anything safety related such as drive or work heavy equipment after taking this tablet. If you are on chronic medication, breastfeeding or nursing you must consult your doctor first.

            The Cost

            You can purchase various packages. One unit/bottle will cost you $34.97. The Serenity System will cost you $69.94. This is a 2-bottle system. The Extreme Value which consists of 3 units will cost you $104.97. The preferred package of 5 units will cost you $174.85 These are high-priced sleep aids however they come with a free digital download, and one-off coupons containing discounts, available on the site.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            The company says you can try Somulin risk-free for 60 days and if you don’t get results, you’ll get a full refund.

            Conclusion of Our Somulin Review

            Somulin tackles insomnia from many angles, not just one. So not only melatonin is in the formula but also many herbs and botanicals which contribute to decreasing worry so the mind can shut down and get to proper sleep. Then there is probably the most stand-out ingredient, serotain. It is not found in many other formulas.

            What you have to bear in mind is, is that this is an advanced formula and the high price reflects this. You could combine various supplements so you get all these ingredients, and see how the cost stacks up. The real issue is: Do you need such an all-encompassing formula? What happens when your body becomes accustomed to this? A sleep-wake disturbance must be handled delicately and not with a smothering, put-the-fire-out approach as there is always the risk you’ll never adjust to anything milder. Could it be that a simple melatonin 3mg or 5mg supplement is simply what you need? If you try this first, you’ll never know. The company is self-branded as the greatest natural sleep aid on the market – yet it lacks two essential minerals for sleep: magnesium and zinc. Our research shows that while this formula is superior, it is now the only route to take or necessarily the best one. That can only be ascertained in clinical trials, which is not the case here. Taking nothing away from what seems to be a great product, our research shows you’d be in equally good hands with melatonin and magnesium and possibly zinc – and it is likely to be lighter on your pocket as well.

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