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RevitaLash Advanced Review

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            The following review on a product called RevitaLash Advanced, which is a lash conditioner that is claimed by the manufacturer to be developed by Ophthalmologists to deliver healthy, flexible, and strong lashes. However, is this product the best solution for stronger and longer lashes on the market? This review will examine various product aspects, as well as the customer support provided by the manufacturer, to determine if this product is a worthy purchase choice.

            What’s in RevitaLash Advanced?

            This product contains a list of ingredients, however, the manufacturer does not clearly state which of those are the active ingredients. While this is unfortunate, we have provided a list of the more popularly known supportive ingredients:

            • Glycerin
            • Biotin
            • Phosphoric Acid
            • Octapeptide-2
            • Serenoa Serrulata Extract

            Glycerin is a very popular ingredient used in beauty products for its hydrating properties, used in lash products for its ability to soften and nourish hair. Biotin regulates hair health and hair follicles by converting nutrients into energy. Phosphoric Acid supports the regrowth of hair, promoting longer and more luscious lashes while Octapeptide-2 promotes the growth of hair through stimulating hair follicle stem cells. Serenoa Serrulata Extract is thought to reduce the process of natural hair loss, therefore, encouraging volume. Although these ingredients are beneficial to support some of the manufacturer’s claims; the absence of patented ingredients is a concern. Ingredients such as WideLash ensure optimal hair anchorage to prevent hair loss, while Fision Kera Veg18 protects hair from external damage, and AnaGain stimulates hair growth. These patented ingredients are clinically proven to deliver results. The absence of these targeted ingredients may suggest that this product is less effective than competing products which offer up to 5 patented ingredients. What’s more, there is no indication if this product was manufactured in a cGMP certified facility, which may imply that market-standard processes where not used during production.

            How Do You Use RevitaLash Advanced?

            It’s positive to note that the manufacturer provides clear details on how to best use this product. After removing makeup and other cleansing residues from the skin, users should apply a thin layer of the product (using the applicator wand) just above the lash line, directly to the lashes. This product should be completely dry before applying other skincare products or makeup and should only be used once a day. As there is not an available concentration of the active ingredients, we cannot say if this product is properly dosed in order to deliver results.

            The Cost

            RevitaLash Advanced can be bought directly from the manufacturer’s online store. A 2.0 ml tube (which claims to be a 3 month supply) retails for $98, which is a high cost to pay for a product that customers have not tested for efficacy. The absence of a smaller, more affordable sample size is unfortunate. While there are no discounts available, there is a bulk deal of a 3.5 ml tube for $150. While these lifespans may seem appealing, there is no way to guarantee this claim.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            RevitaLash offers customers an extensive 90-day money-back guarantee on their purchase, which may suggest that the manufacturer is confident in their products effectiveness. While this may be positive to note, the negative customer reviews are a concern. There have been many complaints that this product was less effective than more affordable alternatives on the market and did not deliver results as claimed.

            The Conclusion of Our RevitaLash Advanced Review

            This product’s formula contains many ingredients that may prove beneficial in delivering positive results. In saying so, however, the lack of patented ingredients makes us question the formula’s quality and efficacy – especially when compared to other brands on the market. The price is expensive and which a lack of a sample size, customers may not be willing to invest in the product straight off the bat. The returns policy is extensive, which is positive to note. However, the poor customer reviews make us question the efficacy of this product in delivering on the manufacturer’s claims. In saying so, we do not recommend this product as a worthy purchase choice.

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