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            Carmol HC is a topical ointment that is used as a topical steroid. It also helps relieve anal itching, hemorrhoids, and eczema. These problems do not only cause discomfort but can be embarrassing to have and can affect your daily lifestyle.

            However, you shouldn’t have to go through this every day. By using Carmol HC, you can provide relief to these skin conditions. Also, because of the ingredients included you can be rest assured that your problems will be solved.

            Ingredients in Carmol HC

            The following list includes the ingredients in Carmol HC. The first ingredient is the active ingredient while the rest are inactive.

            • Hydrocortizone acetate which relieve itching, swelling, and pain.
            • Editate Disodium
            • Urea
            • Water
            • Cetyl Alcohol
            • Stearic Acid
            • Sodium Metabisulfitate
            • Propylene Glycol


            For best results, apply a considerable but thin layer to the affected areas. It should be applied three to four times per day on a daily basis or when needed the most.

            Possible Side Effects

            Although these side effects are very unlikely to occur, there is still a chance of the following happening.

            • Burning
            • Allergic contact dermatitis
            • Maceration of the skin
            • Dryness
            • Skin Atrophy
            • Hypertrichosis
            • Folliculitis
            • Striae

            Price of Carmol HC

            Carmol HC is a topical steroid that costs $24.35. However, you may find some online stores that sell it at a cheaper rate giving you a lower price of $21.95.


            Since none of the vendors for this product offers any kind of guarantee on it, you will not be able to receive a refund even if you are not satisfied.


            Although this product is approved by the FDA, it will only help treat the symptoms of the skin problem. However, HemClear will not just treat the symptoms associated with skin and hemorrhoid problems, it will target the root of the problem. With HemClear, you can also receive a full, 100 percent money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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