BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Tablets Review

BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Tablets Review

BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Tablets

BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Tablets













            Hemorrhoids provide a lot of discomfort and torment to the people that have them. Aside from eating fiber rich food, drinking water and exercising, other ways of getting solace is by taking hemorrhoid relief tablets. BHI Hemorrhoid Relief tablets by MediNatura offer temporary relief from rectal burning, minor rectal itching and rectal swelling due to hemorrhoids. Read our BHI Hemorrhoid Relief tablets review to see if this medicine is the best product for you.

            What’s in BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Tablets?

            Active ingredients found in each tablet are:

            • Aesculus hippocastanum 4X
            • Collinsonia canadensis 4X
            • Aloe scocotrina 4X
            • Leptandra virginica 6X
            • Nux vomica 5X
            • Muriaticum acidum 6X
            • Paeonia Officinalis 6X
            • Sulphur 10X 37.5 mg each

            Inactive ingredients are:

            • Magnesium stearate
            • Lactose

            All of these ingredients work together to help with itching and to soothe burning as well as provides relief to pain and swelling.

            How Do You Use BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Tablets?

            Recommended dosage for adults is 3 tablets per day. However, at the very first sign of symptoms, adults can take one tablet every half and hour to one hour until the symptoms are lessened, then continue with the standard recommended dosage.

            Do not swallow the tablets whole, instead allow them to dissolve completely in the mouth.

            Children under the age of 18 should consult a doctor.

            The Cost

            This product is sold through many third-party retailers. Amazon has it on sale for $9.87, Vitacost sells it for $10.39, while iHerb sells it for $9.34.

            We were not able to find a website that offers free shipping or any other deal that offers a bigger discount.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            The manufacturer offers an empty bottle guarantee on some of their products, but not with this specific product. It could be a concern to some potential buyers who do not have the full trust of the product yet. We have also found mixed reviews about this product.

            If you purchase this on eBay though, you may be able to return to them as they have a money back guarantee on all of their products. You should contact the seller within 30 days after receiving the product. You will be the one to pay the return shipping fees, though.

            The Conclusion of Our BHI Hemorrhoid Relief Tablets Review

            This product contains some good homeopathic ingredients which provide immediate relief from rectal burning, itching, and swelling. In addition, it also helps relieve chronic constipation. This is also one of the cheapest tablets for hemorrhoids.

            On the other hand, this product only offers immediate relief and cannot help to stop the recurrence of hemorrhoids. Another downside of this product is that it contains Nux Vomica, which can be poisonous and fatal when taken in large amounts internally.

            Some other drugs such as heparin, warfarin, and ticlopidine may interact with the ingredients in this product.

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