Farr Labs Prosta-Q Prostate Support Formula Review

Farr Labs Prosta-Q Review

Farr Labs Prosta-Q

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            Farr Labs Prosta-Q is a supplement designed to ease and alleviate prostate troubles that ca affect daily life. According to the manufacturer it is specifically designed to help improve prostate health and eliminate any inflammation, improve urination issues and alleviate pain. It is said to contain natural ingredients to help reduce risk of side effects while also increasing the effectiveness of each capsule. To learn more about this product continue reading our full review below.

            What’s in Farr Labs Prosta-Q?

            Farr Labs Prosta-Q is made using a combination of what the manufacturer says are “clinically proven” ingredients

            Active Ingredients:

            • Quercetin – This is a phytonutrient that is commonly found in fruits such as apple. It has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties that make it a useful ingredient in prostate support supplements.
            • Saw Palmetto Extract – This plant extract has been used for treating problems caused by enlarged prostate such as difficulty in urination and frequent urination at night.
            • Cranberry – This fruit is known for helping prevent urinary tract infections (UTI).
            • Bromelain – This is an anti-inflammatory agent that can help reduce symptoms of enlarged prostate.
            • Papain – This is extracted from unripe papaya and contains anti-inflammation properties.

            How Do You Use Farr Labs Prosta-Q?

            The manufacturer recommends starting with one capsule, two to three times a day with meals. If symptoms are relieved, then gradually try reducing to two and then to one capsule. If you see no improvement after two to three months, the manufacturer suggests discontinuing use.

            The Cost

            Prosta-Q is available from the manufacturer’s website with several purchase options. An every-60-days auto refill program will cost you $79.98 each time and gives you two 60-count capsules. A single bottle on its own will set you back $49.99 while a 4-bottle package costs $47.99 per bottle.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            Farr Labs offers a limited 90-day return policy accepting only unopened product for refund. This effectively eliminates being able to test the product risk-free.

            While the product is also sold on Amazon, at the time we researched this article there were only a handful of Amazon customer reviews, not nearly enough for us to draw any hard and fast conclusions from.

            The Conclusion of Our Farr Labs Prosta-Q Review

            All in all, Farr Labs Prosta-Q looks like an ok product if you are looking for a supplement to improve your prostate health as it utilizes well-known and proven ingredients. However, we feel the refund policy is weak and not customer-friendly and the cost, even when bought in bulk, is high. We are not big fans of auto-refill programs, although the price is more reasonable if you go with it. Prosta-Q is on the right track, but we would recommend looking for a product with similar ingredients and either a better pricing structure or a more useful return and refund policy.

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