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Innovix Pharma OmegaVia Review

Innovix Pharma OmegaVia Fish Oil

Innovix Pharma OmegaVia Fish Oil













            OmegaVia is an omega-3 fatty acid product for heart health, joint health and overall health, according to the manufacturer. It is said to be used for managing triglyceride levels and for boosting mood. In addition, the supplement is supposedly useful for nursing and pregnant women. Its manufacturer says this is no ordinary fish oil product, as it has three times more Omega-3 content than regular offerings. The company said these enteric-coated softgel capsules are rated 5-star by IFOS (International Fish Oil Standards program). To be really sure this is as good as it sounds, we encourage you to read our Innovix Pharma OmegaVia Fish Oil review to the end.

            What’s in Innovix Pharma OmegaVia?

            This product contains basically “pharmaceutical grade” Omega-3 oil. It is said to be ultra-pure oil obtained from sardine, mackerel, anchovy and menhaden. These fish are sourced off the coast of Peru and the United States. According to the company, while most retail fish oil products have roughly 300 mg of Omega-3, OmegaVia has 1,105 mg, including:

            EPA Omega-3 – 780 mg
            DHA Omega-3 – 260 mg
            • Other essential Omega-3 – 65 mg

            The different types of Omega-3 work to promote heart, bone and overall health.

            Other ingredients include:

            • Plant-derived food glaze (enteric coating) – reduces burps and odor and helps improve absorption
            • Natural sunflower tocopherols (vitamin E) – for freshness
            Rosemary extract – for freshness

            These ingredients are labeled non-GMO. But the supplement is not Halal or Kosher certified.

            How Do You Use Innovix Pharma OmegaVia?

            The dosage of this supplement depends on the particular purpose you wish to use it for. One softgel a day is all you need to promote general health. For heart health, two softgels daily are recommended, while between two and four are to be used for joint health. You are to take two softgels a day for mood health and three or four for triglycerides. The maximum daily dosage is four. OmegaVia should ideally be taken just before or with meals.

            The Cost

            A bottle of the supplement at the time we investigated, was available for purchase from the manufacturer for $34.69 for a 60-count bottle. You can save money when you buy more. The price drops to $29.89 per unit when you purchase two bottles. You can save another $1 per bottle when buy three or more.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            Yes, you get a customer-friendly money back guarantee when you buy OmegaVia Fish Oil. The manufacturer promises to provide a full refund (purchase price plus shipping) to buyers in the U.S. You simply return the product within 90 days. However, if you have already opened the product simply contact the company; there is no need to actually return open product.

            OmegaVia has mostly positive reviews. Of the over 380 reviews we saw on Amazon while researching, 80 percent had a rating of at least 4/5. This is a strong product endorsement from real-world users.

            The Conclusion of Our Innovix Pharma OmegaVia Review

            This is a good Omega-3 product for promoting overall health and well-being. Its fish-oil component appears to be carefully sourced and of high quality. The supplement also has mostly positive customer reviews and comes with a good 90-day money-back guarantee. However, if you are following the recommended dosage and taking it for mood or triglyceride support, it becomes expensive as a bottle will only last you 15 – 20 days.

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