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            The following review is for a product from Thorne called Melaton-3. According to the manufacturer, this product will provide your body with support when you suffer from jet lag. Your body adjusting to traveling across multiple time zones causes this uncomfortable condition. They also claim that this product will help your body to maintain and balance your circadian rhythms when you are getting used to being on a new sleep schedule. It helps you to fall asleep more effectively and to stay asleep after you go to bed. Finally, this product will help your body to produce more of the sleep hormone called melatonin.

            What’s in Melaton-3?

            • Melatonin – this is a hormone, which is naturally produced in your body. This hormone is important because it is in control of regulating your sleep cycles as well as the times that you should be awake.
            • Microcrystalline Cellulose – this ingredient makes up the clear coating that surround the ingredients included in this dietary supplement.
            • Hypermellulose Capsule – another ingredient that makes up the coating around the ingredients in this formula.
            • Magnesium Laurate – this ingredient is included in the formula because it acts as filler as well as a preservative.
            • Silicon Dioxide – this natural compound is included during the manufacturing process of this dietary supplement to allow the ingredients to flow smoothly when mixed and transferred into the capsules.

            How Do You Use Melaton-3?

            The manufacturer of these products recommends that you take one capsule when you want to go to sleep. They state that you can also use this product as recommended to you by your doctor. Due to the nature of this supplement, we would suggest that anyone who has a pre-existing condition see his or her doctor before taking this supplement.

            The Cost

            You can buy this product directly from the manufacturer for $13.00 per bottle. The manufacturer also provides free shipping for items that have been bought on the manufacturer’s online store. Sadly, we were unable to find any discounts or special offers for bulk purchases.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            After thorough research, we were unable to find any information regarding a guarantee. When you buy a product without a guarantee, it can be quite problematic as there is nothing you can do if you are unhappy with your purchase. This indicates that the manufacturer is not entirely confident in the efficacy of their product. Additionally, we were unable to find any customer reviews for this product, which was rather concerning.

            The Conclusion of Our Melaton-3 Review

            After we completed our review of this product, we found that it could be effective for helping people to maintain their natural sleeping rhythms when traveling. The only active ingredient in this formula is melatonin and it is available for quite a reasonable price. However, we were rather concerned by the volume of unnecessary ingredients included in the formula. Additionally, we were concerned to note that the manufacturer does not provide their customers with any kind of guarantee. Finally, we were worried that there are no customer reviews to give us a real idea of the efficacy of this product.

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