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            In the following review about Wellcare Provim IBS we take a look at how effective the product is at supporting the digestive system to alleviate any discomfort that arises from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). The product contains a few ingredients, which we will look at closely, that are designed to target the various factors that affect the onset of IBS symptoms. The main idea is that it reestablishes the gut microbiome to reduce unnecessary inflammation and irritation.

            What’s in Provim IBS?

            • Lactobacillus acidophilus – This bacteria ferments lactose into lactate which may irritate the intestine less, causing reduced symptoms.
            • Sodium butyrate – Protects the probiotic bacteria from digestion in the stomach and used by intestine for energy.

            Probiotic bacteria is one angle for reducing IBS symptoms, but this product is severely lacking other benefits and ingredients. There are no ingredients to reduce cramping or improve intestinal motility, nor ingredients to break down proteins or fats and no ingredients to promote healing an inflamed bowel. The ingredients in this product simply cannot reduce IBS severity as well as the collection of ingredients in other products which address all of these aspects.

            How Do You Use Provim IBS?

            When experiencing a short-term attack of IBS, the customer can take two capsules two times a day for about ten days. It can also be used as a protection by taking one capsule twice a day for fifteen days. Unfortunately, this manufacturer does not specify whether the product should be taken with food or not which could affect its absorption. They also do not specify if there’s any particular time of the day that is better to take the product.

            Furthermore, they do not express the quantity of each ingredient contained in each capsule so we are unable to analyze whether the dosage is correct or not.

            The Cost

            The manufacturer does not sell the product directly through their own platform but rather chooses to rely on third party online retailers.

            The price from these retailers is around $39 which does not include shipping or taxes. A customer may however receive a 5% discount if they use a direct transfer payment method.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            We could not find any evidence of a guarantee for this product. It is difficult for us to have confidence in a product when the very manufacturer of that product cannot backup the product with a guarantee so that the risk of the product not working is placed on the customer rather than the manufacturer.

            The Conclusion of Our Provim IBS Review

            The price of this product is not too high and customers can receive a discount on it to save a bit of money. We also appreciate that the manufacturer includes an ingredient to protect the probiotic bacteria in the product and enhance the product’s shelf life.

            But there are also many concerns we have with this product. Firstly, it is lacking in ingredients to support other aspects of intestinal health like reducing inflammation, cramps, etc. Secondly, the usage instructions are not comprehensive and clear, which could lead to inappropriate use of the product and reduced results. Lastly, there is no guarantee on the product, so if customers are not happy with their results, they suffer a double loss by losing money too.

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