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ProHealth Think Clear Review

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            If you feel bogged down by brain fog, slow cognition and lapses in memory and concentration, you are certainly not alone. The brain is a carefully calibrated organ that is more complex than the most powerful computer. However, unlike a computer the ‘electricity’ it runs on are what we feed it – and more often than not, we do not eat sufficient and specific brain foods to keep our hard drives in perfect condition, or at least to stop its decline. This is where brain boosters come in.

            The one under review today is called Think Clear. ProHealth says it uses four top-rated nutrients for brain and memory health to effectively support and improve brain functions. The manufacturer further says the formula enhances circulation and oxygen flow to the brain to promote optimal cell health, as well as supporting the way information travels from cell to cell. Let’s have a look at these 4 ingredients.

            What’s In ProHealth Think Clear?

            • Life’s DHA powder – DHA is an Omega-3 fatty acid. DHA is a big building block of brain and eye tissue (this is why we are always told to eat fish). It also helps the health of your blood vessels and to stem any brain cell decline and inflammation.
            • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract – A potent plant extract that has the capacity to squeeze through the narrowest of blood vessels to increase the supply of oxygen to the brain and other parts of the body. This increased circulation makes a radical difference to cognition.
            • Vinpocetine – Reduces the risk of blood clots and therefore brain stroke.
            • Huperzine A – Huperzine A promotes enhanced mental function. It helps maintain levels of acetylcholine. Healthy acetylcholine levels improves memory health.

            How Do You Use ProHealth Think Clear?

            Take one vegetarian capsule twice a day, preferably with meals, or as advised by your healthcare practitioner. Intended for adults only. Do not exceed directed use or take if you are on prescription blood thinners or have a history of heart attacks or strokes. Do not use if pregnant or breastfeeding.

            The Cost

            If you make a one-off purchase from the online shop, you’ll pay $20.49 but if you subscribe the cost is $16.39 per bottle.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            Yes, a 30-day ‘happiness’ guarantee applies. Return the unused portion and you’ll receive a full refund or credit of the cost, minus shipping charges.

            Conclusion Of Our ProHealth Think Clear Review

            What is clear is that indeed the four ingredients have been carefully chosen to promote mental agility and fight decline. In addition to this dual approach, it is also designed to quickly improve short-term brain output, as well as preserve optimal brain cognition long term. Ginkgo Biloba is singularly important as an ingredient for the myriad brain benefits in particular.

            One of the ingredients missing though is the B-complex. B-vitamins are essential on so many fronts, not to mention nervous system-brain communication and neurotransmission. A 360-degree approach to brain health would also include thyroid hormones, as a malfunctioning thyroid can impeded cognition significantly.

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