Nature’s Own Memory Boost Review - For Improved Brain Function And Cognitive Support

Nature’s Own Memory Boost Review

Nature’s Own Memory Boost

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            Improved cognition and slowing down mental decline are two health facets none of us would say ‘no’ to. Given the numerous demands of modern-day living, we would not only not say ‘no’ but also actively seek it out. Today we review one such brain booster you could seek out called Memory Boost, although there are numerous nootropics on the market.

            Slower cognition happens when the hard drive of the body, the brain, isn’t as finely tuned as it should be. This fine tuning comes in the form of minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Memory Boost says it has the formula to support memory and cognitive function, support mental recall and increase blood flow not just to the brain but many other areas as well.

            What’s In Nature’s Own Memory Boost?

            • Ginkgo biloba extract equivalent to dry leaf (7.5g) 7500mg – A powerful plant and herb of Indo-Chinese origin that has been used for centuries to help you be more mentally flexible and focused. It makes a tangible difference to cognition especially as far as memory and concentration go. This is a potent extraction and a high dose. Ginkgo also radically increases oxygen to the brain.
            • Korean Ginseng (Panax ginseng) root 150mg – A more Asian version of the above plant that also improves blood flow and oxygenation, and therefore mental sharpness.
            • Gotu Kola (Centella asiatica) herb 100mg – An Asian herb that not only fights cognitive decline but also anxiety and depression.
            • Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) flower and leaf 150mg – Keeps blood pressure normal and maintains good artery health. Increased blood flow and better circulation is the result.
            • Lecithin 100mg – This is a binder and bulker; note that it may contain soy.
            • Glutamine 25mg – A thyroid hormone essential to metabolism and ultimately cognition.
            • Tyrosine 25mg – A hormone responsible for peak performance of the thyroid and other processes, including neurotransmission.

            How Do You Use Nature’s Own Memory Boost?

            Take one capsule daily or as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner. Do not use while pregnant or breastfeeding, unless cleared by your doctor. Also do not give to children. The product contains beeswax.

            The Cost

            Each box contains 50 capsules. You have to purchase it through an online retailer as it is not available from the product website. There are no bigger packs, or discount incentives for buying more. Expect to pay more for shipping as it is an Australian product. One online pharmacy we found was selling it for $21.69.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            We found no evidence of a guarantee. You’d therefore have to make do with the returns policy of the retailer you purchase it from. It would be dubious in this instance if you’d get your money back if the product didn’t work for you – you’d probably only get money back if the wrong item was shipped to you. Regardless, it is almost a certainty that you’d have to pay for the return shipping which will cost more and take longer to Australia.

            Conclusion Of Our Nature’s Own Memory Boost Review

            Memory Boost comes with Hawthorn and Goto Kula which are not used that often in nootropics, but make for a potent formula. Ginkgo and its variant species are the standouts here not for being included actually, but for the high doses. It is known to improve circulation to the brain and most people when given a ginkgo concoction in high enough amounts, report feeling more alert, calmer and able to concentrate better. This is the other good thing about this formula – it is also highly geared towards a host of benefits other than just for the brain, including mood enhancement.

            The tricky problem is though, this isn’t a locally manufactured supplement, and there is no money-back returns policy. This puts you in the position of making a potentially risky purchase, when you could be sourcing a similar ginkgo-based, high-potency product locally knowing you can claim your money back if you need to, and possibly paying less for it too.

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