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McCleary Scientific Lucidal Review

McCleary Scientific Lucidal

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            Lucidal is a supplement which aims to improve memory, focus, concentration, as well as mood and mental energy. This product is said to enhance thought processes and augment clarity, assisting with better recall of information. However, it also aims at lessening the effects of depression and anxiety. Read our review about the product Lucidal.

            What’s in McCleary Scientific Lucidal?

            • Vitamin A
            • Vitamin C
            • Vitamin D3
            • Vitamin E
            • Vitamin B6
            • Vitamin B12
            • Thiamin
            • Riboflavin
            • Niacin
            • Folate
            • Biotin
            • Pantothenic acid
            • Magnesium
            • Zinc
            • Selenium
            • Chromium
            • Potassium
            • Beta carotene
            • Alpha-Carotene
            • Lutein
            • Zeaxanthin
            • Cryptoxanthin
            • Creatine Monohydrate
            • DMAE Bitartrate
            • Choline
            • Chondroitin sulfate
            • Glucosamine HCl
            • L-Glutamine
            • L-Pyroglutamic acid
            • Inositol
            • Alpha-Ketoglutaric acid
            • Soy bean oil powder
            • Taurine
            • Trimethylglycine
            • Ginkgo Biloba
            • Green tea extract
            • Soy isoflavones
            • Acetyl L-Carnitine
            •  Alpha-Lipoic acid
            • Acetyl L-Tyrosine
            • PABA, Vinpocetine
            • Bilberry
            • Grape seed extract
            • Maritime pine bark extract
            • CoQ10
            • Lycopene
            • Resveratrol
            • Huperzine A
            • Vanadium

            This product contains over 50 ingredients comprising vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts. This is an unusually high number of ingredients for a product. The question is, rather than focusing on the quality of the ingredients, how do they interact with one another? And is there so little of each ingredient as to make it ineffective? In its favor, this product contains no caffeine or added stimulants.

            How do you use McCleary Scientific Lucidal?

            The makers of this supplement recommend that three capsules be taken daily, in the morning, with food. They also suggest that the supplements be taken three times daily; alternatively two capsules twice a day, alternatively you can combine any of the previous mentioned options. Taking more than three capsules could be risky, particularly for heavy-metal toxicity. The product is based on a broad-spectrum approach, with an inordinately long list of ingredients. There is therefore the potential for toxic doses of metals such as zinc, magnesium, selenium, potassium, and chromium.  In addition, the manufacturer recommends that this product be taken with Omega 3.

            The cost

            Lucidal costs $47.00 for a bottle of 90 capsules. This product is available for purchase online, on the manufacturer’s website. The company does offer a combo deal consisting of three bottles of Lucidal, with a bottle of Omega 3 capsules and a CD/DVD at a discounted rate.

            Is there a guarantee?

            The company doesn’t offer a guarantee on their product. Instead, they offer a 30-day return policy on new, unopened items. This implies that the product can’t be tested, and this raises some concerns about the effectiveness of this product.

            The conclusion of our McCleary Scientific Lucidal review

            Lucidal is packed with more than 50 minerals, plant extracts and vitamins: there is no need for you to take an extra multi-vitamin.  In addition, a clinical trial was completed on this product. It should be mentioned, however, that, even though the list of ingredients is extensive, it lacks Omega 3. Lucidal manufacturers therefore recommend this extra supplement be taken. Despite a clinical trial having been published in a peer-reviewed journal, this trial was not independent. Thus the effectiveness of this supplement has not been properly tested.

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