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            Is it any wonder the market for brain boosters is so huge, given the demands of financially sustaining yourself, parenting and finding time for a healthy social life in this day and age? Usually, the first things to go are the very things our brains need – nourishing diets, exercise and a cessation from too much nicotine, alcohol, and other bad lifestyle choices. Various minerals, vitamins (most notably the B-complex variety) and more are needed to keep the brain, nervous system, gut and thyroid in optimal health, with all of these organ centers often having to work closely together.

            One brain booster on the market is Cogniflex. It promises to increase your energy, improve focus and boost brain power. Let’s look at the formulation and how the ingredients go about enhancing your cognitive processes.

            What’s in Sure Science Cogniflex?

            • L-Carnitine – Helps create neurotransmitters that promote mental alertness.
            • Caffeine – Increases neurotransmitter signal reaction time, focus and concentration.
            • Bacopa – Increases brain blood flow and cognitive function at the same time
            • L-Theanine – A neurotransmitter that suppresses over excitement and other nervous system reactions that stand in the way of clear, quick thinking.
            • Rhodiola Rosea – Helps neurotransmitters function properly so that signals between the brain and other organs work smoothly.
            • Vitamin B6 – This is essential to brain health and all primary levels; without it the brain would go into decline rapidly. It also helps brain cells regenerate.

            How Do You Use Sure Science Cogniflex?

            The manufacturer isn’t clear on this except to say that the effects of Cogniflex get stronger over time. This is in line with studies which have found a key ingredient, bacopa, is more effective after 12 weeks than 4 weeks, for example. You should probably start by taking one a day with meals. We would not recommend more than 2 a day based on the caffeine content and other dosages. Consult a doctor first if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

            The Cost

            Each bottle contains 60 tablets. There are variously priced packs available:

            • 1 bottle = $48
            • 3 bottles = $96, saving you $129
            • 5 bottles = $144, saving you $249

            Is There A Guarantee?

            There is a 30-day guarantee. You may send the product back if you’re unhappy and get back the price you paid for it. It is not clear if you have to bear the cost of the shipping return, but this is likely. It is also not clear how many partially used products you may return. Given the one-month window period, you could probably return one used bottle only.

            The Conclusion Of Our Sure Science Cogniflex Review

            Cogniflex has a sound formula, although this kind of formulation is fairly easy to find elsewhere as well. There is a huge focus on improving synaptic behavior without which you cannot learn, and also improving neurotransmission which governs much of the brain’s output, and how sharply it can be done.

            Nothing in this formula suggests that it won’t work although according to our research, key plant ingredients known for rapidly improving cognition are missing. One of the real issues warranting closer inspection though is the price. It is significantly higher than similar products with similar formulations, with nothing or very little to show by way of having introduced something new or different. It, therefore, appears not to warrant the steep price tag. As a savvy shopper – don’t despair if this is not within your budget – there are plenty high-quality nootropics that are.

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