Avanse Nutraceuticals Lumonol Review - For Improved Brain Function And Cognitive Support

Avanse Nutraceuticals Lumonol Review

Avanse Nutraceuticals Lumonol

Avanse Nutraceuticals Lumonol













            This is our full review of Lumonol. As there are many nootropics including Lumonol we will analyse the veracity of the Avanse claims regarding this product’s performance.

            Lumonol is a brain booster designed to elevate overall cognitive performance, upgrade memory, focus, processing speed and overall brain functions. It features Noopept, which the manufacturer asserts to be the most powerful nootropic.

            Lumonol features a number of neuro process enhancers that feed the body physiologically with what it needs for optimum cognitive performance. Guarana and Alpha GPC facilitate Noopept’s ability to increase mental alertness, memory and focus. The supplement comes in vegetable capsules.

            What’s in Avanse Nutraceuticals Lumonol?

            Focus Blend – 515 mg together of:

            • Noopept
            • L-Tyrosine
            • Acetyl L-Carnitine
            • Phosphatidylserine

            Energy Blend – 170g together of:

            Memory Blend – 430 mg together of:

            • Hordenine
            • Panax
            • Guarana
            • Ginseng
            • Vitamin B12 250 mcg

            Avanse places huge emphasis on the inclusion of Noopept or N-phenyl-acetyl-L-prolylglycine ethyl ester, which helps in the fight against brain illnesses such as Alzheimer’s disease. Noopept expands brainpower by ridding the brain of toxins and other waste products. Ginkgo Biloba helps memory recall and decreases processing time by clearing toxins and waste, decreasing the production of monoamine oxidase (MAO), and increasing blood flow to the brain while memories are formed and recalled. Alpha GPC is believed to improve general cognition, memory, thinking, and learning.

            Lumonol‘s Guarana and Hordenine content may cause sleep interruption.

            How Do You Use Avanse Nutraceuticals Lumonol?

            Two capsules per day are recommended with water after food – 1 in the morning and 1 after lunch. It is best not to take this in the evening unless your intention is to stay awake. Some people prefer taking 2 capsules in the morning and 1 after lunch.

            You should experience results in 10 days.

            It is recommended by the manufacturer that you take a 30-day rest from Lumonol after using it for 90 days.

            The Cost

            1 bottle can be purchased online from the product website. A discount applies if you buy more than one bottle.

            • 1 Bottle Discovery Pack (60 capsules) = $59, 97 one-off and $47.97 if you subscribe
            • 3 bottles = $119.97

            Is There A Guarantee?

            Yes, there is a 90-day returns policy. Send back the first opened or emptied bottle and 2 unopened ones in order to get your refund.

            The Conclusion of our Avanse Nutraceuticals Lumonol Review

            This all natural product is non-addictive, has been scientifically tested in some aspects and works well, based on customer reviews on the product website. The Lumonol 90-day guarantee is a plus.

            Although the product composition is good, we expected to see one or two ingredients which were absent, possibly due to the manufacturer preference for Noopept. The composition is very powerful and some consumers, as a result, may find the product to have over-stimulant effects. This could possibly lead to sleep interruption, poor rest, superficial sleep or no sleep at all. This is due to the specific dosage formulation of Guarana and Hordenine. Do not take this product at night and less you want to be awake.

            We’d recommend a product with a slightly more balanced formulation if you’re trying a nootropic for the first time.

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