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            The following review is of the product CandAid. This product, manufactured by Zahler, is claimed to be formulated to kill yeast infections such as thrush and diaper rashes. It helps maintain a healthy balance of bacteria and intestinal microflora. Read on for more.

            What’s in CandAid?

            Three (3) capsules provide the following ingredients:

            • Caprylic acid  – This antifungal agent acts by interfering with the cell walls of the candida yeast.
            • Grapefruit seed extract – This substance works in a similar way to antifungal and antibacterial agents.
            • Oregano  – This element works as an antifungal agent − it is yeast resistant
            • Garlic – Garlic is an anti-candidal agent, impeding both the growth and function of candida albicans. This formula contains rice flour which is merely a filler and does not add any other value to the formula.

            How Do You Use CandAid?

            The dosage instructions between the 90-capsule and the 120-capsule bottle appear to differ. Although the information about the 90-capsule is not clear, it seems that only three (3) capsules should be taken daily. However, what is clear is that, with the 120-capsule bottle, four (4) capsules should be taken daily with a meal.

            The Cost

            This supplement product is sold online directly from the manufacturer. Sizes range from 90-capsule to 120-capsule bottles. The 90-capsule bottle costs $52.95. However, this product is out of stock. Either way, the company offers no discounts or package deals.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            This health product is produced in a GMP facility. This means that contents of the bottle are indicated on the label. However, this does not mean that what is inside the product is effective. Still, the company does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee on this product. Shipping and handling, gift-wrapping, or other charges will be deducted from the refunded amount. The items may be returned opened or unopened.

            The Conclusion of Our CandAid Review

            CandAid comes across as an interesting product formulated to kill yeast infections and to maintain healthy flora within the body, thus preventing further infections. There are some good aspects: it is made within a GMP facility, and the dosage instructions are clear and simple to follow. This means that fast and optimal results may be obtained. Also, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee (albeit certain deductions made on returns). There are, however, certain concerns. Firstly, the information on the website is not clear. Much of the information is misleading and confusing, such as the difference in instructions between the 90-capsule and the 120-capsule bottle. More so, the price of the 120-capsule bottle is not provided. Either way the company does not offer any package deals with discounts, which would make this product more cost effective over the long run. In addition, this product is out of stock, thus appearing not easily obtainable. More importantly, this product lacks the key ingredients such as calcium undecylenate (undecylenic acid) that have been clinically proven to be effective antifungal ingredients for eliminating and soothing yeast infections.

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