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            The following is a review for a dietary supplement from Absolute Nutrition called Thyroid T-3. The thyroid gland is a large gland in the neck that controls the endocrine system and regulates the metabolism. Many people suffer damage to their metabolism due to a lifetime of yo-yo dieting. This leaves them with a slow metabolism that prevents them from losing any weight. According to the manufacturer, extended use of this product will restore the health of your thyroid gland and metabolism. Additionally, continued use of this dietary supplement will help you to lose weight without imposing any restrictions on your diet.

            What’s In Thyroid T-3?

            • Calcium Phosphate – a mineral that is crucial for healthy teeth and bones.
            • Gum guggul extract – contains substances that lower cholesterol and triglycerides.
            • L-Tyrosine – makes the thyroid hormone when combined with iodine.
            • Garcinia Cambogia – extracted from an exotic fruit, can facilitate weight loss.
            • Phosphates – Dipotassium phosphate, sodium phosphate, disodium phosphate, these are water-soluble salts that restore thyroid hormones.
            • Microcrystalline Cellulose – this makes up the capsule that contains the ingredients included in the supplement.
            • Gelatin – a protein made from animal products used to make capsules that encapsulate the supplement.
            • Magnesium Stearate – a natural form of magnesium that is found in plants and is used to bind elements in a supplement together.

            How Do You Use Thyroid T-3?

            According to the manufacturer, one serving of this dietary supplement is two capsules. They recommend that you take two capsules three times a day. The manufacturer also states that you should consult with your healthcare practitioner before taking this dietary supplement. Unfortunately, that is the extent of instructions provided by the manufacturer so we are not sure if you should be taking this supplement with a meal or on an empty stomach. This could have a significant impact on your body’s ability to absorb the active ingredient.

            The Cost

            You can buy this herbal supplement directly from the manufacturer for $ 39.50. Unfortunately, this manufacturer does not offer any discounts or special offers on this product. You should also bargain on adding shipping fees and taxes to your total that you would need to pay for this product.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            The manufacturers of this product offer a 100% money back guarantee on their product. Their website states that if you are at all unsatisfied with the quality of their products you are welcome to return it for a full refund within 30 days of the purchase. However, we were a little confused about their policies regarding products that have already been opened. Another concern that we had was that we could not find any consumer reviews to give us an indication of the popularity of this product.

            The Conclusion Of Our Thyroid T-3 Review

            As we completed this review for Thyroid T-3, a dietary supplement from Absolute Nutrition we found that it was a rather good product. It can help you take control of your metabolism and there is a good guarantee available when you buy a bottle. However, we were rather concerned about the fact that there are no discounts on this expensive supplement. We also believe that this supplement does not contain many of the ingredients we would have expected to see.

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