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            Today we review the product Thyroid Rite manufactured by 100 Naturals. This product claims to support normal thyroid function with the use of handpicked natural vitamins, herbs and minerals. It also aims to boost your metabolism, energy and mood. Thyroid Rite contains tyrosine which is a very important amino acid that helps the thyroid to produce thyroxine. If you want to invest into a supplement that may be able to boost the health of your thyroid and your health overall, then read the rest of this review to find out more about this product.

            What’s in Thyroid Rite?

            • Vitamin B12
            • Iodine
            • Zinc
            • Selenium
            • Copper
            • Manganese
            • Cayenne pepper
            • Bladderwrack
            • Ashwagandha root
            • Kelp
            • L-Tyrosine
            • Schizandra
            • Coleus Forskohlii
            • Molybdenum

            These natural ingredients work together to actively improve the health of your thyroid. Kelp and Selenium helps your thyroid to produce important hormones that sustain normal bodily functions.  Vitamin B12 helps to boost your immunity and also helps to stabilize your mood. Other secondary ingredients include rice flour, vegetable magnesium stearate, gelatin and silicon dioxide. This product is also 100% drug-free and is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

            How Do You Use Thyroid Rite?

            It is recommended that you take 2 capsules per day with meals or as directed by your doctor. If you are pregnant, nursing or suffering from a serious medical condition it is best to consult your healthcare provider before taking this supplement.

            The Cost

            You can purchase this product directly from the manufacturer’s website for $23.95. Each bottle contains 120 capsules and will last you two months if you follow the dosage instructions. If you sign up for the newsletters of the manufacturing company then you will get 15% off your first order. Unfortunately, there are no further discounts given with regards to bulk purchases.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            Although there is a whole page dedicated to a guarantee on the manufacturer’s website it currently does not provide you with any more information. This is quite unfortunate and makes us question the validity of the guarantee on offer. We also can’t tell if this guarantee is competitive and if it will really provide peace of mind to the buyer. Most of the reviews regarding this product are positive however, we did find a few unhappy customers on Amazon that claim this product did not work for them and that it made them physically ill.

            The Conclusion of Our Thyroid Rite Review

            We like that this product only incorporates natural ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost your overall health and the health of your thyroid. We also feel that this product is very reasonably priced but it is unfortunate that no discounts are given when you make bulk purchases. The lack of information regarding their guarantee policy makes us question the efficacy of this product and the lack of confidence placed in the product by the manufacturers. Some of the negative reviews on Amazon also make us feel uneasy about the side effects experienced when taking this product.

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