Dynamic Health Raspberry Ketones Complete For Weight Loss Review

Dynamic Health Raspberry Ketones Complete Review

Dynamic Health Raspberry Ketones Complete

Dynamic Health Raspberry Ketones Complete













            With all the rage around being fit and thin, there is a certain level of frustration for those folks who just cannot get to their goals, no matter how much effort and dedication they put into losing weight.  It can certainly be frustrating. This is a review of Dynamic Health Laboratories Raspberry Ketone Complete, which has been formulated with cultivated herbs towards better overall health and weight management with the aid of raspberry ketones.

            What’s In Dynamic Health Raspberry Ketones Complete?

            Primary Ingredients

            • Raspberry Ketones – 250mg
            • Proprietary Blend – 750mg
              • African Bush Mango
              • Green Tea Extract
              • Konjac Root Fiber (Glucomannan)
              • Baobab Extract
              • Acai Berry
              • Resveratrol
              • L-Carnitine
              • Apple Cider Vinegar
              • Garcinia Cambogia
              • Bitter Melon Extract
              • Nopal Cactus Fruit
              • Chromium Picolinate
              • Cascara Sagrada
              • Dandelion Root
              • Uva Ursi Extract

            Other Ingredients

            • Vegetable Stearate
            • Vegetable Cellulose (capsule)
            • Silica

            Raspberry ketones have become an ingredient in many supplements designed to aid in weight loss goals because it increases your metabolism and helps burn fat in your body.  One important factor, however, is whether the raspberries are natural from the berry itself or if the raspberry ketone is manufactured in a laboratory.  The product label does not state any information on this topic. However, two capsules of this product have only 250 mg of Raspberry Ketones and the total amount is not high; the recommendation is 1000 mg of raspberry ketones per day.

            This product contains no artificial ingredients, yeast, wheat, soy, sugar, salt gluten, dairy or preservatives.

            How Do You Use Dynamic Health Raspberry Ketones Complete?

            The product label states to take two capsules once or twice daily with water or to follow the instructions of your healthcare professional. There is a choking warning label on the product label which explains that Konjac (Glucomannan) is an expanding fiber and reiterates the importance of taking this product with water. Also, Cascara Sagrada is a mild laxative and therefore, if you have loose stools, diarrhea, or stomach pain you should not use this product. Finally, it is advised to consult with your healthcare professional if you have a disease or medical condition, take medications, are pregnant or nursing, or plan to have an operation.

            The Cost

            This product is still available online through third party websites but not widely available which makes us believe that the product has largely been discontinued.  We were able to find the product for $15.29 for one bottle of 60 capsules, but we could not find multi-packs.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            The manufacturer does not offer a satisfaction guarantee for this product.  This is rather surprising to us because the number of companies now standing by their product has grown, offering customers guarantees up to a year after the purchase.  Unfortunately, this is not the case for this product.

            The Conclusion of Our Dynamic Health Raspberry Ketones Complete Review

            Made in the USA and a vegetarian product, this product is an excellent blend of all natural ingredients put into a supplement for maximum health benefits towards weight loss.  However, between the fact that the product seems to be hard to purchase, and the fact that reviews are few and far between, it appears that this product is not successfully achieving its goals for consumers.  And with no guarantee from the manufacturer, why would you even gravitate toward a non-risk-free purchase?  There are clearly so many other products with 1000 mg in two capsules with guarantees which would be smarter choices in choosing a Raspberry Ketone supplement.

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