Himalaya ProstaCare Prostate Support Supplement Review

Himalaya ProstaCare Review

Himalaya ProstaCare

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            The following review is for a product called ProstaCare. This formula supports natural urine flow as well as the overall effectiveness and health of the prostate. It also eliminates urinary retention and water waste. It further also supports urinary tract health.

            What’s In Himalaya ProstaCare?

            • Bonduc – Stimulates urination and soothes inflamed tissues.
            • Tribulus – Supports normal testosterone levels.
            • Three-leaf caper – Reliefs difficulty in urination caused by an enlarged prostate.
            • Betelnut palm – Preventative therapy for prostate enlargement.
            • Shatavari – Helps in nurturing the reproductive organs.

            One other inactive ingredients included in this formula is plant-based cellulose. This formula is completely natural as they only make use of natural herbs. It is also free of dairy, soy, corn, wheat, and gluten.

            Even though Tribulus does support normal testosterone levels there are many sources that indicate that caution should be taken when using this ingredient. Due to the hormonal activities, it should rather be avoided by prostate cancer patients. Other side effects that can be caused by using this herb are gastrointestinal irritations and severe neurological, kidney and liver toxicities.

            We also find it worrying that the percentage breakdown of each ingredient isn’t indicated on the label. This is important information, that should be shared with the consumer.

            How Do You Use Himalaya ProstaCare?

            2 capsules should be taken with meals, twice daily.

            The Cost

            One month’s supply of ProstaCare can be bought for $27.95. A two month supply can be bought for $48.95.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            After thorough research, we couldn’t find any info with regard to the manufacturer offering any kind of satisfaction guarantee. We found this to be quite concerning as this might mean that they don’t feel confident about the effectiveness of their products.

            There are quite a few customer reviews that can be read on Amazon. Consumers are mostly happy with their purchase.

            The Conclusion Of Our Himalaya ProstaCare Review

            We found, after reviewing ProstaCare, that it is an all-natural herbal blend that reduces the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate. It supports the overall health and effectiveness of the prostate and it supports normal urine flow. It lastly eliminates water waste and urinary retention.

            We found it impressive that they make use of only herbal, natural ingredients. It is a bit of a concern, however, that Tribulus is included in this formula, as it has been said that it should be avoided by prostate cancer patients, due to hormonal activities. Other side effects that have been associated with using Tribulus are neurological, liver and kidney toxicities as well as gastrointestinal irritations. We also found it worrying that the percentage breakdown of each ingredient is not indicated on the label.

            The last thing we found worrying is the fact that the manufacturer doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee. This might be because they lack confidence in the effectiveness of their products.

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