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AmerMed Prostate Support Review

AmerMed Prostate Support

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            Today we review Prostate Support manufactured by AmerMed. Prostate Support claims to contain beneficial ingredients that will help to support your prostate. This formula also helps to inhibit DHT formation which has been associated with male pattern baldness. This product also supports and maintains urinary health. If you want to know more about the associated benefits of taking this product, read the rest of our review below.

            What’s in AmerMed Prostate Support?

            • Saw Palmetto
            • Pygeum Africanum
            • Beta Sitosterol
            • Pumpkin Seed Extract
            • L-Glycine
            • L- Alanine
            • L- Glutamic Acid
            • Zinc Citrate
            • Magnesium Stearate

            Saw Palmetto in one of the active ingredients in this product and contains phytosterols that supports your prostate by inhibiting DHT formation. Pumpkin Seed extract contains plant phytosterols that have been proven to support urinary health. L-Glycine, L-Alanine and L-Glutamic Acid are vital for normal prostate secretions. It is not mentioned if this product contains any added binders, fillers or if it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

            How Do You Use AmerMed Prostate Support?

            After thorough research we were unable to obtain any dosage recommendations. This is very troublesome since customers will not be able to know in advance if this product offers optimal dosage for the best possible results. It is best to consult your doctor if you suffer from a serious medical condition before taking this product, especially since there are no dosage recommendations offered with this product.

            The Cost

            You can purchase this product directly from the manufacturer’s website for $11.95. Each bottle contains 120 capsules. If you buy 12 or more bottles you will pay $7.17 per bottle, and if you buy 24 or more bottles you will pay $5.98 per bottle. You will also be charged extra to cover shipping expenses. Since we don’t know how many capsules should be taken daily, there is no way of knowing how long one bottle of these supplements will last and if this price is reasonable.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            The manufacturer’s website states that products may be returned within 30 days for a full refund, but that this policy does not apply to wholesale orders of 12 and 24 packs. Furthermore, no information is given regarding the required state of the orders that will be accepted for a return. They don’t clarify if opened or used products are acceptable and if customers will be expected to pay a restocking fee. We were also unable to find quality customer reviews regarding this product.

            The Conclusion of Our AmerMed Prostate Support Review

            We like that this product contains a wide range of ingredients that claim to support prostate and urinary tract health. This product can be regarded as inexpensive if you decide to purchase large orders of this product at a time. However, we are very disappointed by the lack of general information given on the manufacturer’s website regarding this product. We don’t know what the dosage recommendations are, the requirements of the guarantee policy or the general customer ratings meaning that customers wishing to buy this product will have to do so without much substantial knowledge about the efficacy of this product.

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