Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum Review - for Anti-Aging

Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum Review

Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum

Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum













            The following review is for Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum and it examines the real facts about this product to help you make an informative choice. The manufacturer claims that this night serum can repair the integrity of your skin and that it will restore the surface of your skin. This product is claimed to offer antioxidant benefits, improved collagen formation and increased skin hydration.

            What’s in Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum?

            • Vitamin A
            • Organic Jasmine
            • Organic Lavender
            • Organic Bergamot

            Vitamin A can restore and maintain the skin’s health as it plays an important role in skin function and integrity. Organic Jasmine works by hydrating skin and it can also encourage healing. Organic Lavender can promote circulation to the skin and may also reduce inflammation. Organic Bergamot can reduce inflammation and may help treat acne.

            This product does use organic ingredients and it is also cruelty-free, however, it does not contain adequate ingredients because an effective night serum should contain clinically proven ingredients that are at least 10% active ingredients as well as 5 patented ingredients.

            Patented ingredients such as Matrixyl 3000, Glucocare S and Syn-Coll are clinically proven to enhance skin tone and elasticity, reduce wrinkles and boost collagen production.

            How Do You Use Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum?

            It appears that the manufacturer has neglected to provide recommended usage instructions for this product which is disappointing because the incorrect use of a product could alter the results. It is unclear how much of this serum should be used or how it should be applied.

            The Cost

            This product retails for $45.00 per 15 ml bottle and can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website. There appear to be no discounts offered, although, it is also available in larger bottle sizes that seem to offer a small saving; one 30 ml bottle retails for a slightly discounted $80.00, one 50 ml bottle for $140.00 and one 100 ml bottle will cost you $220.00.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            The guarantee provided by the manufacturer is valid for 14 days for Australia and 28 days for other countries and unfortunately, the product needs to be unopened and in its original packing when returned in order to qualify for a refund. This is concerning because it does not back this products claimed effective results.

            The Conclusion of Our Mayella Vitamin A Night Serum Review

            This may seem like an ok night serum at first because it is organic and does contain some good ingredients. Further inspection of this product reveals significantly concerning aspects; the manufacturer’s guarantee is not very confident and does not guarantee the claimed effective results of this product and it lacks ingredients which indicate that other products containing adequate ingredients are more effective. There are other similar products available from leading brands that would be far more suitable.

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