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Herbal Hills Moringa Review

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            In India, the powder made from Shigeru leaves (also known as Moringa oleifera) has been used in the traditional Ayurveda system of health care for thousands of years. This is a review of Herbal Hills Moringa Tablets, which appears to draw on this tradition.

            Herbal Hills claims that its Moringa/Shigeru tablet is an “Ayurvedic formulation” of Moringa Oleifera powder which is “synergistically processed with highly advanced technology” at its facility using “best quality” and “authentic” Ayurvedic herbs which are available in India.

            Moringa itself is widely regarded today as something of a miracle herb that helps boost general wellness from promoting healthy digestion to boosting energy levels, the immune system and maintaining blood pressure levels.

            What’s In Herbal Hills Moringa?

            Moringa Oleifera (Shigeru) leaf powder:   500mg

            Other ingredients:

            No information is provided. The tablets are coated in a film, but we could not establish what this “film” is made of. In addition, most tablets (as opposed to capsules) contain some sort of binder – usually chemical – to ensure the tablets maintain their shape and form. We were unable to establish whether this was the case with Herbal Hills Moringa tablets.

            How Do You Use Herbal Hills Moringa?

            Take 1 tablet twice daily, or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

            The manufacturer recommends that the tablets should be taken with warm water to improve their efficacy and the results you are likely to achieve.

            The Cost

            While you cannot purchase Herbal Hills Moringa Tablets directly from the manufacturer, they are available from various online retailers.

            A container of 700 tablets (about a 1-year supply) costs around $32. This is considerably less than most other Moringa formulations currently available.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            We were unable to find any information about a manufacturer’s guarantee for this product. We, therefore, recommend that before purchasing it from a third-party retailer, you ascertain precisely what that retailer’s returns policy is.

            The Conclusion of Our Herbal Hills Moringa Review

            If the price is your main concern when looking around for a Moringa supplement, you won’t go wrong with Herbal Hills Moringa Tablets. At around 8c per daily serving, this product is the most “cost effective” by far when compared to other Moringa formulations of similar strength (500mg of Moringa per tablet/capsule, with a recommended dosage of 1000mg per day).

            So it is fair to say that these tablets are cheap. The question is: are they also nasty?

            It was concerning that we were unable to find any information about how and where these Herbal Hills Moringa tablets are manufactured; or even whether the Moringa plants used in these tablets are grown organically or not (in other words, there is no way to ascertain whether the plants used in the formulation of these tablets have been contaminated with herbicides or pesticides). The manufacturer states that the “best quality and authentic” Ayurvedic herbs, which are “specially selected and manually graded” are used. However, there are no independent gradings or certifications to back these claims.

            We also do not know under what conditions these tablets are manufactured – is the manufacturing facility clean; do the workers within the facility conform to basic standards of hygiene? The fact that the manufacturer does not appear to guarantee its product, adds to our concerns.

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