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Healthy Choice Naturals Maximum Moringa Review

Healthy Choice Naturals Maximum Moringa

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            It’s no surprise that Moringa is one of the most popular supplements around. This miracle plant – particularly the leaves – are believed to aid the body in a host of beneficial ways. This ranges from helping to prevent hair loss to promoting healthy cell structure; supporting healthy cholesterol levels to keeping your skin looking healthy; helping to maintain healthy sugar levels to assisting weight control and digestion; and more.

            This is a review of Healthy Choice Naturals Maximum Moringa, one of many Moringa supplements currently available.

            What’s in Healthy Choice Naturals Maximum Moringa?

            Each capsule contains 500mg of Moringa leaf.

            The capsule itself is a vegetable capsule, but the manufacturer does not provide information about the type of vegetable used.

            How Do You Use Healthy Choice Naturals Maximum Moringa?

            You should take 2 capsules every morning with your breakfast.

            That would give you a daily dose of Moringa leaf powder of 1000mg, which is pretty standard for this supplement.

            The Cost

            Healthy Choice Naturals offers a discount on its Maximum Moringa capsules which increases as you purchase more containers simultaneously.

            At time of writing this review, one container of 60 capsules (a one-month supply) will cost $24, which is apparently a saving of $10.95; but if you purchase a one-year supply (12 containers), you will pay only $15 per container.

            Here’s how the savings add up:

            • Buy one – pay $24 (and save $10.95)
            • Buy 2 – pay $37 ($18.50 each) and save $32.90
            • Buy 3 – pay $17 each ($51 – not $39 as stated on the Healthy Choice Naturals website) – a saving of $53.85
            • Buy 6 at $16 each ($96) – save a total of $113.70
            • Buy 12 at $15 ($180) – save $239.40

            However, don’t be dazzled by the savings. At $15 per container, if you purchase 12 containers at once, this is probably on par with or even slightly higher than many other Moringa leaf capsules of similar strength currently available.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            Healthy Choice Naturals offers an unconditional, 90-day, no-questions-asked guarantee. You simply have to return the empty bottle/s and/or unopened bottles for a full refund. This could be very useful if you choose to take advantage of the savings offered and purchase multiple containers at a time.

            The Conclusion of Our Healthy Choice Naturals Maximum Moringa Review

            Like all Healthy Choice Naturals products, Maximum Moringa is manufactured in the United States in a FDA compliant facility and is said to comply with all local laws, as well as GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards. These capsules are also certified organic so you can be confident there will be no hidden traces of herbicides, pesticides or other chemicals.

            That said, even with the discounts offered for purchasing multiple containers simultaneously, Healthy Choice Naturals Maximum Moringa is among the more expensive Moringa supplements we have found.

            One final observation: although billed as a “maximum strength” capsule, at 500mg of Moringa leaf per capsule and a recommended daily dose of 2 tablets per day, this formulation delivers a pretty standard dose of Moringa leaf. While this product contains a stern warning that you should not exceed the daily recommended dosage, there are several others on the market that deliver a daily dosage of up to 1600mg.

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