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Futurebiotics Moringa Review

Today we review Moringa. This moringa supplement has a 50:1 extraction ratio, making it very potent. The plant is native to the Himalayas, India and south-east Asia. Gram for gram, it provides more nutrients than other botanical known to man at this point in time, containing as it does vitamins, amino acids, minerals, anti-aging compounds, anti-fungal compounds and more. It is known to curb the appetite by controlling blood-sugar levels and so assists with weight loss. But it is also equally used to benefit sleep and relaxation disorders, digestion, breastfeeding, heart health and brain health.

What’s In Futurebiotics Moringa?

This is a high potency moringa formula as each capsule contains this amount. The manufacturer says it uses a premium source, and that the product contains no added yeast, sugar, salt, starch, soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, artificial colors, preservatives or animal products. The leaves, which are the most nutritious part of the plant, are used as the source of the moringa.

How Do You Take Futurebiotics Moringa?

Take one capsule per day with food and water. If you are taking medication for diabetes or low blood pressure, consult your doctor first.

The Cost

A bottle of 60 vegetarian capsules will cost you $17.95. There are no volume discounts but shipping is free on orders over $49.

Is There A Guarantee?

The manufacturer says their quality control standards don’t only meet national and state legislation and requirements but exceed it. You must return the unused portions within one year of purchase for a full refund less shipping.

Conclusion Of Our Futurebiotics Moringa Review

The product is made in GMP-certified premises, so manufacturing procedures are of a high standard. It is free of most allergens, including soy, which is not the case for all moringa supplements. You only need to take one capsule a day which contains a high dosage at that, and you may have to take 5, 10 or even 20 capsules from other moringa brands to achieve the same dosage.

The manufacturer says there is an outstanding commitment to product integrity but provides no third-party verification to this effect. The same is true of its claim of using a premium source. It is always best if the manufacturer can back up such claims. What would have made a good offering great, would have been bulk discount incentives as this is a long-term undertaking. Shop around for bulk discounts if you are so inclined, but make sure to equate apples with apples – the amount of moringa you are getting for the price is important. If an alternative manufacturer is able to verify the uniformity of its potency in each capsule, that is a big plus, as manufacturers are rarely confident enough in this aspect to have their contents independently verified.

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