Cleure Oil-Free Facial Lotion Review - For Hydrating The Skin

Cleure Oil-Free Facial Lotion Review

Cleure Oil-Free Facial Lotion

Cleure Oil-Free Facial Lotion













            Oily or acne-prone sensitive skin and struggling to find a moisturizer? This review is bound
            to be of interest then, as Cleure says it has formulated an Oil-Free Facial Lotion or moisturizer specifically for your skin. Cleure says it controls oil lubrication in a non-irritating way so your pores are not clogged, while still keeping your skin hydrated. It is, says Cleure, lightweight so shine is minimized. It also promises to renew your skin and tighten your pores. Let’s see if the formula lives up to these promises.

            What’s In Cleure Oil-Free Facial Lotion?

            Main ingredients:

            • Cetearyl alcohol
            • Glyceryl Stearate
            • Vitamin E

            Cetearyl alcohol is a non-irritating form of fatty alcohol. The fatty aspect is like omega – it means that collagen will be boosted to keep your skin firm and tight, so it aids youthfulness. Glyceryl Stearate is from the same family of ingredients achieving the same things and providing moisture that sinks in quickly. The most important of the vitamins for any moisturizer, Vitamin E, is also present. Vitamin E has incredible anti-aging but also cell-renewing properties. Research shows though that this is best achieved when Vitamin C is also added as it increases the value of the properties delivered exponentially. The rest of the formula contains many fillers, thickeners, binders, and preservatives. We could not find the research-based, clinically proven ingredients we were looking for what would have achieved the desired results, namely wheat extracts, sweet almond oil (particularly lightweight and smooths pores), algae extracts for intense free-radical fighting power and also medical-grade silicone to seal in moisture. The latter is used by plastic surgeons precisely because of its skin renewal properties post-surgery and suitability for all skin types without clogging pores. We have found a handful of top products shown in studies to deliver on their hype that contain the latter.

            How Do You Use Cleure Oil-Free Facial Lotion?

            Apply it to your face after cleaning your face. We would have liked more details such as whether or not you have to apply sunscreen. Where this is not stated, as in this case, we suggest doing so as the default practice.

            The Cost

            A 6.6-ounce tube retails for $36.99 on the Cleure website. There are no discounts.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            You can return the item for an exchange or return, less shipping charges, within 30 days of purchasing it. You will not pay for shipping if an error on the part of Cleure was made in sending you the wrong product. Although this guarantee is fairly solid it is not as indulgent as leading ones which give you upwards of 60 days to return items. The longer the leeway you are given in which to return products, the more confident a manufacturer is in their product, generally.

            The Conclusion of Our Cleure Oil-Free Facial Lotion Review

            Cleure does not contain Retinol or Vitamin A, which is good for a sensitive-skin formulation. Many anti-acne products contain it as it dries out oil. However, it can also leave skin dry, flaky and prone to sun damage. If your skin is very sensitive, it may go red as a response to Retinol. Cleure is also paraben-free meaning that the most serious of cosmetic toxins are excluded from this formula.

            That said, the product is, according to our research, lacking an adequate moisture barrier to lock in moisture. This is essential to keeping your skin looking glowing and hydrated and is not to be confused with the end result of clogging pores. Vitamin C would have enhanced the vital properties of Vitamin E., In fact, a stable form of Vitamin C delivered in a patented form would be best, as is found in products clinically proven to work. On that note, it is simply not clear whether this product contains the 10% active ingredients, at a minimum, required for an effective formula. Neither does there appear to be any patented ingredients when you’d expect five or more in a truly results-driven moisturizer. Patented ingredients assure you that you are receiving the top form of a product in a way that maximizes all its benefits so that you get a far more hard-working formula. Given that there are also several clinically proven ingredients such as sweet almond oil and other botanical gold-standard inputs missing, we do not see how your skin is deriving the kind of nutrient balance required to keep it toned, refined, hydrated and smooth. We do, however, feel that it is a more sensitive-skin friendly formula than several others purporting to be the same.

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