Nutrition Breakthroughs Sleep Minerals II for Insomnia

Nutrition Breakthroughs Sleep Minerals II Review

Nutrition Breakthroughs Sleep Minerals II

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            Insomnia can be insidious because of its very effect on the ability not only to function normally, but optimally. Lifestyle choices such as smoking and high caffeine consumption can play a role, as can a lack of thes essential minerals required for a proper sleep cycle – which is often as a result of poor food choices. These minerals help the brain, thyroid and nervous system work together to induce drowsiness and suppress the ‘wake’ signals. There is also an interplay between the lack of these minerals and various hormonal cycles such as menopause, puberty, pregnancy, tension and worry that must be fixed if you are to attain quality sleep.

            Today we review Sleep Minerals II because it claims to give you that quality sleep. In fact, it styles itself as the ‘original drug-free’ remedy for insomnia and while we find no basis for this assertion in fact, it certainly is drug-free and contains specific minerals necessary for sleep on the face of it. Let’s take a closer look.

            What’s in Sleep Minerals II?

            • Calcium (from calcium carbonate and citrate) – Scientific journal studies have linked a calcium deficiency to not being able to get into the deepest REM level of sleep. It is thus a vital mineral aiding sleep.
            • Magnesium (from magnesium oxide and citrate) – Magnesium helps you relax, and also helps your muscles relax after a long day or an intense workout. Cramping is often the result of too little magnesium. A magnesium deficiency has been linked to nightmare awakenings.
            • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) – Vital for strong bones and aids as an antioxidant, helping cells to repair themselves.
            • Zinc (from zinc oxide) – A mineral known to help restore the sleep-wake cycle.

            Notably, the formula lacks melatonin, which is the natural sleep hormone. The amounts of these minerals in every 3 capsules is 1000mg, 500mg, 600iu, and 10mg for calcium, magnesium, vitamin D3 and zinc respectively. This meets the daily recommended dose for calcium, exceeds it for magnesium and vitamin D3 and is slightly under for zinc.

            How Do You Use Sleep Minerals II?

            Take 1 softgel with water 30 to 45 minutes before bed. Increase this to 2 capsules if you are still restless, but you must let the minerals build up in your system for at least a week. If you find you’re too energetic and one is too much, gently bite open the capsule and extract half the contents, so you only take half. You can drink down the creamy paste or spread it on food. Preserve the other half in a bag.

            Consult your doctor before using minerals or nutritional supplements if you are taking prescription drugs. Take any medicines at least two hours before or after taking supplements. Decrease your dosage from one capsule to a half if you experience loose stools.

            The Cost

            A bottle of 120 capsules will cost you $25.95 on the product website when you purchase online. There do no appear to be differently sized bottles, discounts or buying-by-volume options. However if you are a qualified reseller you can get a discount.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            We found no mention of or reference to a guarantee.

            The Conclusion of Our Sleep Minerals II Review

            Thought and care has gone into selecting these minerals. Carrier oils in the capsule ensure good and proper absorption. These carrier oils are in the natural rice bran oil which is rich in two types of natural vitamin E and also high in Oryzanol, a powerful antioxidant only found in rice bran oil. The rice bran oil has also been proven to lower cholesterol levels, help menopausal hot flashes, strengthen immunity, and improve vision.

            The product contains gelatin, glycerin, calcium carbonate, water, rice bran oil, yellow beeswax and soy lecithin – this means that if you’re allergic to soy you need to give these capsules a miss as they may contain soy residue. In the same way that according to our research, the best remedies feature both melatonin and these important minerals, a good formula would not only rest on one or the other. Therefore, it is likely that if your condition is anything other than trifling, you’d need to supplement these minerals with melatonin as well, the natural sleep hormone shown in studies to work. Bear in mind that this purchase comes without a money-back guarantee and is quite expensive, so if it does not work the purchase would have been entirely in vain.

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