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Ayurved Pilesgon Review

Ayurved Pilesgon

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            Today we review Ayurved Pilesgon.  This capsule contains 100% natural ingredients to safely help heal your hemorrhoids.  With highly researched herbs and vitamins, this supplement can help clear your hemorrhoids quicker.  By taking this regularly, you can also prevent new problems from occurring.

            What’s in Ayurved Pilesgon?

            • Kattha – This extract from acacia trees has astringent properties useful in herbal medicines.
            • Kalijiri – Also known as bitter cumin, this plant offers many health benefits.
            • Ayyappan – This shrub can offer a stimulant effect and works as a laxative to help make your bowel movements easier.
            • Hemsagar – This ingredient is common in ayurvedic treatments for hemorrhoids, but we unable to find its true use.
            • Shudh Tankan – This herb helps to reset your digestion and relieves bloating.
            • Khun Sosh – This is also common in natural hemorrhoid treatments, but we were unable to find the reason why.
            • Ritha – Also called soap nuts, these nuts are common in natural shampoos and face washes.
            • Nagkesar – This oil helps in all types of bleeding disorders, including the stop of piles.
            • Haritaki – This South Asian fruit has countless benefits for your gastrointestinal tract.
            • Rasaunt – By healing wounds and curing gas, bloating, and diarrhea, this ingredient helps cure your hemorrhoids.
            • Indraju – This flowering plant naturally helps to control your blood sugars.

            How Do You Use Ayurved Pilesgon?

            Each dose of this supplement is 1-2 capsules twice per day.  The doses should be taken with a full glass of water and it should be continued for 2-3 months minimum.  Hemorrhoids can be a painful and annoying problem, so needing to wait 2-3 months to see results can be too long for most people.

            The Cost

            This supplement comes in 4 sizes.  The smallest bottle contains 32 capsules and costs $22.  A bottle with 48 capsules is priced at $30. The two larger sizes of 64 or 80 capsules cost $39 or $45, respectfully.  All sizes do include free shipping in the purchase price. Unfortunately, if you need to take this supplement for a minimum of two months, that makes these capsules much more expensive than other hemorrhoid treatments.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            While the manufacturer claims they offer a money back guarantee, it does not offer 100% of your purchase price for a return.  All returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee. In addition to that, the return can only be of unopened, unused products. Lastly, the return must be made within the first 30 days after purchase, which means you do not have the ability to try this supplement for the recommended amount of time to know whether or not this supplement is right for you.

            The Conclusion of Our Ayurved Pilesgon Review

            There are a few things we liked about Ayurved Pilesgon.  The ingredient list is 100% all natural. Also, all orders are eligible for free shipping.

            Unfortunately, we found may red flags regarding this product.  First of all, it takes 2-3 months to see relief for your hemorrhoids.  Also, in order to purchase enough product for those entire 3 months, this becomes a very expensive option.  Lastly, the money back guarantee is loaded with stipulation that make it near impossible to actually return your product, should you find yourself unhappy.  For these reasons, we cannot recommend this supplement.

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