The Vitamin Shoppe Tart Cherry Extract Review

The Vitamin Shoppe Tart Cherry Extract Review

Gout is most commonly distinguished by tenderness, redness and severe pain in the joints. It is caused by a buildup of crystallized uric acid deposited in areas surrounding the joints. Treatments for gout aim to target these areas and supply additional supplementation to combat these symptoms. An effective gout treatment can diminish pain and return joints to their optimal functionality. In this review, we have closely examined Tart Cherry Extract to determine its effectiveness in treating gout-related symptoms and providing relief to joint discomfort.

What’s in Tart Cherry Extract?

This product includes one key ingredient to combat gout-related symptoms: CherryPURE – Freeze Dried Tart Cherry (Prunus Cerasus) Skin. This antioxidant promotes muscle recovery and reduces inflammation associated with gout, providing relief from joint discomfort. While this ingredient may be an effective remedy for gout-related symptoms, this product lacks several beneficial ingredients found in other solutions. These ingredients include Folic Acid, Garlic Extract, and Rutin. Tart Cherry cannot be wholly relied on for an efficient and effective treatment of gout and should be supplemented with additional ingredients.

How Do You Use Tart Cherry Extract?

As a dietary supplement, it is recommended to take three (3) capsules of Tart Cherry Extract daily with meals. From our research, we have found that this dosage is similar to other Tart Cherry Extract products. The dosage can be considered reasonable and does have beneficial properties, however, customers have complained about the large size of the capsules. Taking three large capsules per day can be overwhelming for individual consumers.

The Cost

This product can be purchased from The Vitamin Shoppe’s online store for $19.99 per 90-capsule bottle. The company offers minor discounts when purchasing two or more bottles, however, a $2 discount per bottle is not a significant saving. Our research indicates that this is an affordable product when compared to other treatments however, this is to be expected as it fails to include a number of key ingredients used as total-care solutions for gout.

Is There a Guarantee?

Upon further research, we have noted that The Vitamin Shoppe includes a return policy on open and unopened products. Opened products may be returned within 30 days for in-store merchandise credit. This guarantee gives the customer peace of mind regarding the efficacy of the product, however, should this product fail to meet customer expectations then the efficacy of other products comes into question.

The Conclusion of Our Tart Cherry Extract Review

While this powerful ingredient can be beneficial to healing gout-related symptoms, it alone cannot be a total-care solution for gout. This product is affordable when compared to other gout treatments but, the company does not offer any significant specials or discounts that would further encourage purchase. Customers have complained about the size of the pills as well as their distinct and off-putting smell. These factors may inhibit the ability to consume the recommended dose, rendering the product ineffective. While the guarantee is an appealing selling point, the refunding policy only allows for the accumulation of in-store credit. Customers who are not happy with their service are unable to use this credit elsewhere. These reasons have raised concerns about the reliability of this product as a treatment for gout and therefore we recommend looking at alternatives.

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