Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes Review - For Volumizing Eyelashes

Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes Review

Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes by premier brand Vichy is our eyelash serum under the spotlight and the one we review today. Bearing in mind that industry-leading research advises that to be highly effective, a serum needs to contain a minimum of 10% active ingredients, five patented ingredients or more, and also specific ingredients shown to work best, we have a clear framework of reference against which to test the product claims and efficacy. The product is a dual-purpose one. Vichy promises that it will strengthen, smooth, and brighten the area around your eyes. As for your lashes, it promises to strengthen and condition them. The result, says Vichy, should be a more youthful, wide-eyed appearance overall.

What’s In Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes?

The key ingredients are:

  • Vichy Mineralizing Water
  • Rhamnose
  • Hyaluronic Acid

Hydration is key to firmer looking, glowing and plump skin. As far as hydrating agents go, Hyaluronic acid is definitely the best. It is clinically proven as a superior moisture barrier which retains moisture 1 000 times better than other products. This hydration is key to plump-looking skin. Ramnose is a  plant sugar that has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. It fights wrinkles. The mineralizing water is rich in more than a dozen minerals from a volcano-rich area. Its main purpose is also to add to the hydration levels of your skin. As a result, clearly, this formula is rich in hydration. This effectively conditions both your eye contour area and lashes. While a dual-action product for both the eyes and lashes work to a certain extent, these two areas of the face are different and have individual nourishment requirements which are not met in totality in this one formula. For example, key ingredients clinically proven to improve lash growth and strength are missing. These include Vitamin B5, Vitamin E, Marula oil, Pea Sprouts and more. In particular, the benefits of marula oil cannot be overstated.

How Do You Use Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes?

Vichy recommends that you use this serum twice a day. Apply one drop of serum to your fingertips. Close your eyes and massage it into your eye area, finishing with one swipe from your inner eye corners outward, touching your lashes.

The Cost

You’ll pay $35 for a 0.51 oz wand. Purchases for over $60 qualify for free gifts. There are no discount incentives for buying multiple wands. At the time of compiling this review, a summer sale was on, with a discount of 25% available on all orders.

Is There a Guarantee?

You cannot return empty products, and it is unclear whether you can return used products or not. You must return products within 30 days. You must prepay for the return. For a premier international brand, this 30-day return policy is not generous compared to other cosmetic manufacturers who are offering anywhere from 60 days to 365 days in which to file a return request, depending on the product. Usually, the strength of a return policy is an indication of how confident the manufacturer is in its product.

Conclusion Of Our Vichy Liftactiv Serum 10 Eyes & Lashes Review

Vichy is paraben-free and dermatologist tested. It does not, though, purport to use mostly natural products or not to test on animals, although this may well be the case. It is also not cGMP-certified – if it is, Vichy isn’t volunteering this information which is somewhat strange. As a dual-action product, it could be convenient to use if you feel that your eye area and lashes do not need separate, deeply targeted formulas. The inclusion of Hyaluronic Acid is to be lauded, but there are certain key omissions. Some of these missing clinically proven ingredients, such as vitamins B5 and E, and resveratrol, which greatly improve eyelash growth and strength may or may not be included in the mineral water. In any event, it is doubtful that they’d be included in big enough dosages. We do not know all the ingredients or dosages either, calling into question whether a 10% active ingredient base is present overall.

The key issue is that this formula seems to be more eye product than eyelash product. To be effective, ingredients that would then target both the lashes and eye wrinkles, such as Vitamin E, need to be present. Where is the potent Marula oil for the lashes? This and other targeted, best-of-breed ingredients are also missing. So, while the formula is rich in hydration and all-purpose nutrients, collagen, key antioxidants, and ingredients that could moisturize the lashes are missing.

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