Essy’s Eyebrow Growth Serum Eyelash Enhancer Review - For Thicker Eyelashes And Brows

Essy’s Eyebrow Growth Serum Eyelash Enhancer Review

This review examines the product Eyebrow Growth Serum Eyelash Enhancer manufactured by Essy. It is claimed that this eyebrow and eyelash product is a professional serum which will make the brows more defined, and the lashes grow thicker and longer. In addition, the manufacturer claims that their product is irritation free and safe. Continue reading this review for more information about this eyelash and eyebrow serum.

What’s in Essy’s Eyebrow Growth Serum Eyelash Enhancer?

  • Arginine
  • Ginseng root extract
  • Coerulea flower extract
  • Glutamic acid

Arginine and glutamic acid are amino acids which help the skin to retain moisture and to stabilize the pH balance of the skin. Ginseng is an antioxidant: it helps defend against environmental aggressors which could increase aging. Coerulea flower extract moisturizes flaky and dry skin and hair. The formula lacks any ingredient that could promote growth. It also lacks vitamin E that protects against aging and helps with growth. In addition, this product lacks the ingredient resveratrol, an antioxidant, also marula oil, as well as pea sprouts.

How Do You Use Essy’s Eyebrow Growth Serum Eyelash Enhancer?

User instructions are clear. The area should be cleaned and dried. The product may be applied once a day with the applicator brush to the roots of the eyelashes and to the eyebrows, as though using an eyeliner or brow pencil.

The Cost

This serum is available online at $26.95. The company offers no discounts nor any package deals which would have saved the user money over the long term.

Is There a Guarantee?

The manufacturer of this serum offers a satisfaction guarantee; however, the policy is vague. The company does not state who to contact, nor the condition in which the product should be returned, nor the time frame the consumer has in which to return the product. Also, the company fails to inform whether there are any deductions, such as shipping fees.

The Conclusion of Our Essy’s Eyebrow Growth Serum Eyelash Enhancer Review

At first glance, the product Eyebrow Growth Serum Eyelash Enhancer appears promising. The manufacturer claims that this product is backed by a guarantee, although the terms and conditions of this pledge are unclear. User instructions are clear and simple, allowing the user to achieve optimal results. However, the company fails to offer any discounts or even bulk offers for loyal clients which would save the user money. In addition, this product lacks at least five clinically proven ingredients which other quality products contain. The formula also lacks certain key ingredients which other products incorporate. Furthermore, this product does not display a GMP certification detailing the manufacturing process. Such a lack of certification raises fears about quality control, despite the company’s assertions to the contrary. More so, there are many other and similar type of serums on the market currently. The problem is that those serum products offer the end user better quality ingredients, of which their formula has at least five clinically proven ingredients, and a firm guarantee that protects the user, and very attractive package deals with decent discounts that can save the end user a lot of money.

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