Cherisher Cherish Lash Eyelash Serum Review - For Thicker Eyelashes And Brows

Cherisher Cherish Lash Eyelash Serum Review

Cherisher Cherish Lash Eyelash Serum

Cherisher Cherish Lash Eyelash Serum













            Today we review an eyelash serum by a manufacturer, Cherisher, that doesn’t seem to mess around and gets straight to hard-hitting statistics about what its product, an eyelash serum called Cherish Lash, will achieve and in what time frame. Cherisher says it increases the length of eyelashes by 78% and thickness by 83%, and that you’ll be able to see an improvement in three weeks. The formula has, says the company, been put through stringent safety clinical trials. A unique combination of plant extracts is used to nourish and condition your lashes.

            What’s In Cherisher Cherish Lash Eyelash Serum?

            The main ingredients are extracts of the following:

            • Pink Pearl
            • Coral
            • Cardamom
            • False Daisy
            • Dyer’s woad leaf
            • Broad-leaf privet
            • Ginkgo biloba
            • Biotin
            • Aloe leaf

            The first two extracts are amino acid- and peptide-rich which stimulates growth. The cardamom and daisy are said to stimulate blood circulation, revitalizing and nourishing lashes. Ginkgo and aloe provide anti-aging relief and also sooth the lashes, while biotin aids growth. They also aid elasticity and shine. Dyer’s woad and broad-leaf rich in organic acids and flavonoids, and serve to thicken the lashes. These ingredients do all add natural and general lash-boosting properties to the formula; however, they are not patented for superior form, function or intensity. The other issue is that unlike Vitamin E, Marula oil, pea sprouts, Vitamin B5 and resveratrol, they are not clinically proven to work. These clinically proven ingredients are the specific ones potent to lash growth and thickness as verified by leading, independent, journal-published research. The benefits you are likely to receive from this serum are compromised by the absence of leading, proven ingredients.

            How Do You Use Cherisher Cherish Lash Eyelash Serum?

            Cherish Lash comes in a wand with a fine-tip brush for accurate and easy application. Make sure your lashes are clean by washing and wiping off any mascara and other make-up. Also, remove your contact lenses. Now apply a thin line of serum to your clean, dry lashes above the level of your skin. You need only apply a small amount as it is very concentrated and you also need only do so once a day.

            The Cost

            The wand sells for $72.27 online. There are no discounts for the individual wands as stand-alone purchases. At the time of researching this review, there was a slight bundled discount for buying the wand and the Cherish line mascara together.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            Unfortunately, there is no mention of a guarantee or returns policy in any of the company’s external communications. This seemingly leaves the consumer at a loss for remedies should an ordered product not arrive, arrive with a defect or not work as desired. The best way for a company to show confidence in their own products is to support each and every sale with a guarantee and a solid returns policy.

            The Conclusion of Our Cherisher Cherish Lash Eyelash Serum Review

            The emphasis on an all-natural formula is to be commended. This hugely increases the likelihood of the formula being safe and gentle for all to use, as stated by the manufacturer. There is a strong focus on antioxidant and soothing properties in these plant extracts and also growth, as evidenced by the peptides.

            This does not compensate though for the lack of clinically proven ingredients. Ingredients that are proven to work at peer-researched or the equivalent level mean that you are more certain to derive benefits, according to a particular scale and timeframe. The manufacturer provides interesting statistics that are impressive regarding growth brought about by the serum, but the independent research or links to it are missing. So sadly, this reduces these claims to unsubstantiated ones. Even if we were to put all this aside it would be difficult to recommend this serum because there appears to be no basic guarantee, let alone return policy, that we could find.

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