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iS Clinical Youth Serum Review

iS Clinical Youth Serum

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            Read our review below about iS Clinical Youth Serum. According to the manufacturer, this product will give your skin immediate and long-term visible results. The appearance of fine lines will be diminished for a firm complexion which will result in vibrant, more youthful and resilient complexion. The company further claims that this formula will instantly smooth the skin and help protects the skin from environmental aggressors. To discover the facts you need to know, read our review below.

            What’s In iS Clinical Youth Serum?

            • Centella Asiatica
            • Copper Tripeptide Growth Factor
            • Extremozymes
            • Vitamin A, C & E Blend

            Centella Asiatica helps to diminish the appearance of premature aging as it acts as a powerful antioxidant with nourishing properties. Copper Tripeptide Growth Factor is a clinically proven ingredient which helps to visibly reduce wrinkles. Extremozymes is a combination of enzymes which helps to protect the skin against environmental aggressors. The Vitamin A, C & E Blend is a powerful antioxidant blend which is encapsulated in a liposome for enhanced absorption.

            Even though this formula does contain one excellent clinically proven ingredient, we prefer that it should contain at least five in order for the formula to really be effective. We also found that there are a few key ingredients missing in this formula, namely Alpenrose, Willow Herb Flower and Electric Daisy Flower. These ingredients should not be left out as they assist with promoting skin cell rejuvenation, long-term cell repair, improving skin hydration levels and nourishing the skin to improve skin texture.

            We like the fact that iS Clinical does not test their products on animals.

            How Do You Use iS Clinical Youth Serum?

            A small amount should be applied to clean skin, smoothing around eyes, face and neck.

            We prefer that day serum formulas should have an airtight pump bottle as this is much more convenient to use and keeps the product fresher for longer.

            The Cost

            A 30ml container can be bought online for $150.00. We find the product to be extremely pricey. They are not currently offering any discounts or bulk purchasing options.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            We find it worrying that after thorough research we could not find any information on a money-back guarantee. This might mean that there are some concerns about the effectiveness of the product.

            When reading through consumer reviews, we found that there are quite a few clients who were unhappy with the amount of product they received for the extremely high price paid.

            The Conclusion Of Our iS Clinical Youth Serum Review

            We like the fact that the company does not test their products on animals and that their formula does contain a clinically proven ingredient.

            We do, however, prefer products which contain at least five clinically proven ingredients in order for it to really be effective.

            We find that the product is really expensive at $150.00 for a 30ml container. In addition to that – many clients stated in consumer reviews that they were not happy with the amount of product received forthe price they paid. It is lastly also worrying that we could not find any information on a money-back guarantee.

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