Yes You Can! Detox Colon Cleanse Supplement Review

Yes You Can! Detox Review

Yes You Can! Detox

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            Are you feeling bloated, and sluggish or tired as a result? Are you about to embark on a diet plan with the goal of achieving better overall health and weight loss? Then Yes You Can! Detox may be the product you need. In this review, we take a closer look at the 7-Day cleanse made from natural ingredients call Yes You Can! Detox.

            The product claims are that it promotes overall health and well-being, supports the body’s ability to detoxify, restores optimum cleansing and liver function and provides protection to the body’s internal organs in the form of antioxidants.

            Done correctly, a cleanse can also kick-start the metabolism. Additionally, it can help the proper uptake of nutrients and vitamins in the gut. In turn, this boost immunity and well-being, and helps the brain regulate mood. As a result, you should have more energy and feel revitalized.

            What’s in Yes You Can! Detox?

            • Aloe Vera extract – Soothes bowel inflammation and releases powerful antioxidants.
            • Artichoke extract – Greatly encourages the flow of bile from the liver.
            • Broccoli extract – Contains fiber and vitamin A. More importantly, a key compound, sulforaphane, is a powerful protector of your internal health. It may reduce the risk of certain types of cancer, combat bacteria in the gut that causes ulcers and also lowers your cholesterol.
            • N-Acetyl L-Cysteine – An Amino acid which protects the liver against carbon monoxide and the effects of alcohol and reduces toxicity in the body.
            • Milk Thistle seed extract – This is known as an aid to helping restore optimal liver function. It is particularly beneficial if your liver has had to process many medications or alcohol.

            These ingredients target not only the gut, but liver and kidney function as well. Extracts are great as they contain higher concentrations of the essential active ingredients in the plant that are being targeted for medicinal purposes. The product is also high in fibre, which should stimulate the bowel to move effectively.

            Yes You Can! Was established in 2012 by Alejandro Chaban an international celebrity who lost 160 pounds and used his experience to formulate natural products along with a team of specialists. Although the primary focus of this product is not weight loss, it should, according to our research, go a long way to cleansing the liver, blood, kidneys and urinary tract. It should be an effective precursor to overhauling your diet and exercise program in general.

            How Do You Use Yes You Can! Detox?

            Take 3 tablets a day with water – 1 in the morning, and 2 in the evening. The manufacturer states that it is safe for people of all ages and conditions. We agree that it is not as rigorous as other bowel evacuation programs but would advise medical clearance for children and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do not exceed the maximum dosage or use this for more than 7 days.

            The Cost

            Your 7-Day supply retails for $29.99 on the product website.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            There is a 45-day returns policy in place. You may return new and partially used products for a 100% money-back guarantee.

            Conclusion Of Our Yes You Can! Detox Review

            This is a sensibly designed product which offers protection to the liver and kidneys, and will help it recover from any sustained damage. It will also help rid the body of toxins and excess waste, and should function as a good build up to overhauling your diet plan.

            The product does not promise weight loss, and indeed we don’t see this as a result. To effect weight loss, sustained healthy eating habits and exercise routines would have to be adhered to afterwards. The product is easy to use, but quite expensive. There are very few reviews, which are mostly positive in nature.

            Although the formulation is good, we also like to see probiotics included in bowel cleanse products. When toxins and other substances are flushed out in general, there is no discrimination, so good bacteria could be wiped out along with bad bacteria. This is especially true if there was a weakness in intestinal health to begin with. The product is on the pricey side so either start with it and follow up with probiotics, or look for a product with probiotics that is also gentle enough to be used long term.

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