Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox Review - 7 Day Detox Supplement Plan

Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox Review

Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox

Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox













            Maybe you’ve come back from holiday where you’ve indulged in all the local foods on offer, and need to flush out your system so you can resume your regular, more sensible nutrition plan. On
            the other hand, you could be a committed athlete who has to jumpstart their body to optimum health mid-winter so you can prepare and be at peak fitness for spring. Whatever your reasons for needing to detox, former bodybuilding champion Lee Haney has formulated a herbal-based cleanse that promises to rid the body of bloat and waste. This is the subject of our review today – Nutrition 7-Day Detox.

            This detox purports to be a cleanse for the internal organs including the urinary system, kidneys and liver. It draws on a natural mix of herbs and nutrients. In addition, the manufacturer recommends that you adhere to the strict ‘clean eating’ nutritional plan included with every product.

            What’s in Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox?

            • Flaxseed Oil
            • Oat Bran
            • Psyllium Husks Powder
            • Cape Aloe
            • Bentonite Clay
            • Black Walnut Hull Powder
            • Flaxseed Powder
            • Glucomannan
            • Senna Leaves
            • Cascara Sagrada
            • Fennel Seed
            • Prune Powder
            • Aloe Vera Leaf Extract
            • L. Acidophilus
            • Cayenne
            • Barley Powder
            • Apple Pectin

            The product contains tree nuts so is not suitable for you if you have a nut allergy. Many ingredients in this formulation stimulate the gut so the product is indeed geared to promote waste elimination.

            Cayenne is an anti-irritant that boosts your metabolism. In addition to this, it has many properties which are beneficial to the digestive system. It aids so many digestive functions that it helps the system work optimally on the whole, and it is also a powerful detoxifier.

            Barley is packed with fiber so helps the cleansing process. It is also a vitamin and mineral-packed antioxidant. Similarly, psyllium is a fiber-rich food. It is a vital tool in combating constipation. What must be remembered is that all these fiber-rich foods ultimately do more than just moving the bowel. The new, cleansed digestive tract is better able to absorb essential nutrients and break down proteins. As a result, you should have more energy and also less anxiety and a better regulated mood. When the digestive tract slumps, it affects the brain’s ability to regulate mood so the link between brain and gut health should never be overlooked.

            How Do You Use Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox?

            There are four packets of pills you need to take each day. Take each packet with lots of water. Two packets should be taken before breakfast, and two before dinner. Make sure that of the 2 packets before each of your morning and evening meal, you take one 1 hour before breakfast or dinner, and the other right before.

            Obtain medical clearance before you embark on this diet and do not use the product for more than 7 days. Avoid it if you have nut allergies. The product is best avoided if you are pregnant or nursing – speak to your doctor first. Do not administer this product to children.

            In addition to taking the pills, follow the clean eating plan for optimum results.

            The Cost

            The product costs $39.99 on the product website and $27.58 on Amazon.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            There does not appear to be a manufacturer returns policy in place.

            Conclusion of our Lee Haney Nutrition 7-Day Detox Review

            The cleanse is a robust one which is sure to move the bowel at least twice a day. It is made of natural ingredients proven to be rich in fiber and antioxidants. It is vegan-friendly, with vegans and vegetarians being able to adhere to the prescribed meal plan.

            The product gets good reviews with some people reporting weight loss at the end of 7 days as well. However, unsurprisingly, those not used to strict, intense regimens found the detox to be very difficult and demanding on the body. If you are not used to training as an athlete or working out regularly, you may lack the discipline required for meal plans – this is not a product for complete amateurs, despite the manufacturer’s assurance that anyone can do it. The meal plan is low on protein and high on raw organic foods, so you may feel weak while on the plan as you will also be evacuating your bowel often.

            Our concern is also that this detox is probably too extreme for those with gut conditions such as IBS and diverticulosis. The other factor to note, is that there is no guarantee, so you are buying the product at your own risk.

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