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Bio Nutrition CLA 1500 Review

Bio Nutrition CLA 1500

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            This is a review of CLA 1500. This product may contribute to general and cardiovascular health and assist with maintaining healthy weight levels.

            What’s In Bio Nutrition CLA 1500?

            • Conjugated Linoleic Acid – A naturally occurring fatty acid which offers health benefits for weight loss and skin.
            • Palmitic – Displays antioxidant properties.
            • Stearic – Acts as a hardener or thickener.
            • Oleic – Useful in food preservation.

            Other inactive ingredients to be found in this formula are color, water, vegetable glycerin, and gelatin.

            When looking to buy a CLA formula, it is important to make sure that it contains the strongest, most potent CLA available. A good estimate to be on the look-out for is an 85% standardized CLA. It is not stated whether this formula contains the most potent form of CLA.

            We find it concerning that this formula contains a lot of additional ingredients. There are many similar products on the market that doesn’t contain any preservatives, additives, binders or fillers. Formulas that does not contain all these additional ingredients will not only assist with weight loss, but it will also be beneficial for your overall health.

            How Do You Use Bio Nutrition CLA 1500?

            Two softgels should be taken once or twice a day before meals.

            The dosage might be a little bit too high with a 3000mg daily serving. A 2000mg daily serving would be more than enough.

            The Cost

            This product can be bought online for $14.95. This would be for a bottle that contains 60 softgels.

            Is There A Guarantee?

            The manufacturer mentions that if a customer wants to return a product, they will have to pay a 10% restocking fee. They will also have to pay for any shipping costs. This certainly does not encourage the client to return a product. They do not, in any case, mention for how many days after purchase, this offer is valid nor in what state the product is supposed to be in when returned. This means that there might be some concerns in terms of how effective the product truly is.

            It was somewhat concerning that we could not find any customer reviews for this product. We usually find it more assuring to buy a product when there is some kind of feedback in terms of what clients thought of their purchase.

            The Conclusion Of Our Bio Nutrition CLA 1500 Review

            After reviewing CLA 1500 we came to the conclusion that this formula may assist with weight management and also contribute to cardiovascular health as well as general health.

            We do feel, however, that there are many unnecessary ingredients included in this formula, such as preservatives and binders. There are other similar products available on the market that contain only CLA and it will, therefore, be better for your overall health. It is also not clear whether CLA 1500 contains the 85% standardized CLA, which is the most potent, strongest CLA available.

            We also found it worrying that the manufacturer doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee and that there are no customer reviews available. Lastly, we found the dosage a bit high at a 3000mg daily serving.

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