Botanic Choice Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores Review - For Relief From Canker Sores

Botanic Choice Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores Review

Botanic Choice Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores

Botanic Choice Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores













            This review focuses on a homeopathic remedy for canker sores called Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores Formula. It is made by Botanic Choice and, as the name suggests, it is also curiously marketed as a remedy for cold sores, even though the two conditions are markedly different. Cold Sores are due to the Herpes virus, and are contagious. They form on the outside of the mouth. By contrast, canker sores form on the inside soft tissue of the mouth.

            In homeopathy, the philosophy is that to eliminate a disease, you flood the body with similar irritants, generally put. This stimulates the body into healing itself. This has not been proven by medical science, but adherents of homeopathy insist that such remedies work. Homeopathy is widely practised throughout the world and is considered to be mild and safe.

            Our review is intended as a guide to how well Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores work as a remedy for canker sores only.

            What’s in Botanic Choice Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores?

            • Antimony trisulfide – a natural mineral derivative used as an astringent for pimple-like eruptions, sores and eruptions under the epidermis.
            • Honeybee – a botanical that eases redness, soreness and stinging pain.
            • Copper – primarily targets cold sores, but it is an antibacterial agent that will help disinfect canker sores as well.
            • Gopher plant – soothes eruptions, skin unevenness and ridges, burning and scaliness.
            • Poison oak – inflammation and irritation are eased by this botanical.

            Traditional botanical aids for canker sores such as lemon balm and aloe vera are missing from the ingredients due to the homeopathic nature of the formulation. Based on research, we feel Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores will reduce healing time. Bear in mind though that homeopathic products are designed to be very gentle most of the time, and this will affect the speed of the recovery.

            How do you use Botanic Choice Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores?

            Dissolve 2 to 4 tables under your tongue per day, or chew them. If there is no improvement within 7 days, speak to a doctor. Also speak to a doctor if you are pregnant or nursing, and obtain clearance to give it to children under 12.

            Do not overdose on this product despite it being homeopathic. There are always inherent dangers in overdosing. Poison Ivy, for example, can cause a host of fairly severe allergic reactions including an itchy throat, colic and blood in the urine.

            The Cost

            It is best to buy this on the product website, where you can currently buy 2 bottles for the price of one for $10. There are 90 tablets in a bottle. A single bottle is priced at $8.04 on Amazon.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            The manufacturer backs its product with a generous 1-year guarantee. You can return as many bottles as you wish, as long as only one bottle has been opened or used.

            The Conclusion Of Botanic Choice Homeopathic Cold/Canker Sores Review

            The product is natural, not addictive and gentle, according to our research. It is also one of the most inexpensive remedies, especially if you purchase it from the product website.

            However, if you are looking for a more targeted approach to canker sores alone, or a quick fix, this is likely not the product for you in either scenario. It goes without saying that if you prefer traditional remedies, this homeopathic formulation isn’t for you either. Often, with this kind of ‘alternative’ product, the chances of long-term prevention are quite good. But there is no indication of how long you need to wait before you see preventive benefits, or for how long you should stay on a course of of this product if your aim is prevention, not cure.

            The product garners mostly luke-warm reviews and does not appear to be widely used. Perhaps this is due to most consumers not being familiar with homeopathic formulations.

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