Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse Review - For Relief From Canker Sores

Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse Review

Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse

Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse













            The following review is for a product called Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse. The manufacturer claims that this supplement might bring relief to oral wounds such as gingivitis, canker sores, denture and orthodontic irritation, cleanse minor gum inflammation, and minor wounds resulting from dental procedures, dental appliances, and accidental injury. This product might remove other secretions associated with a sore mouth, such as mucus and phlegm.

            What’s in Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse?

            • Sodium perborate
            • Ginger essential oil
            • L-Tartaric acid
            • Menthol
            • Peppermint essential oil
            • Sodium saccharin
            • Vanilla flavour

            Sodium perborate – used in treating gingivitis and other kinds of gingival inflammation is an antiseptic. Ginger essential oil  – an antiseptic agent which kills infections, bacterial dysentery and has antifungal properties. L-Tartaric acid – used to make effervescent salts, and when combined with citrate can improve the taste of oral medications. Menthol and peppermint essential oil – because it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, treats canker sores effectively. Sodium saccharin – used as a sweetening agent. Vanilla flavor –  masks the taste to medications.

            Clinically proven key ingredients need to be added to this formula which is specifically formulated to assist with healing and to speed up the recovery process such as Alum (extracts moisture from the ulcer which then gives it chance to heal), Vitamin B12 (provides total remission of canker sores by 74%), Propolis (reduces pain and intensity of the sore and speeds up healing), Licorice (soothes and coat the injured tissue in the mouth to help provide rapid relief), and Lysine (plays a major role in calcium absorption, therefore Lysine promotes prevention of canker sores by increasing calcium intake).

            How Do You Use Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse?

            It is recommended for adults and children to dissolve the contents of the envelope into 1 oz of warm water. The dissolved solution must then be circulated in the mouth for two separate rinses of 30 seconds. The oral rinse has to be let out of the mouth and not be swallowed. The consumer must not eat or drink for 30 minutes thereafter. These instructions have to be carried out three times per day after each meal.

            The Cost

            The price of one container is $12.99 this product is available at various third-party retailers.

            Is there a Guarantee?

            As the manufacturer sells this product only through third-party retailers, one specific retailer has been selected.  They offer a 30-day money back guarantee on unopened items. The consumer has to obtain a printed label with an authorization number from the third party retailer, thereafter the item may be shipped back to the third-party retailer with the printed label and authorization number attached to the package being shipped back. The consumer reviews of this product are very positive.

            The Conclusion of our Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse Review

            The manufacturer has been very thoughtful and packaged the Amosan Oral Antiseptic Rinse into individual sachets which makes it easy for the consumer to travel with and the consumer reviews are very positive.  Further, have we found that there are clinically proven key ingredients omitted from this product which are vital for the healing and recovery time of the canker sore. The manufacturer does not offer a guarantee, the only guarantee the consumer has is the guarantee the third-party retailer offers.

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