Thompson's Biotin Review - For Hair Loss, Brittle Nails and Unhealthy Skin

Thompson’s Biotin Review

Biotin is one of the most recent vitamins to emerge as a necessary part of our diet. A deficiency of biotin has been implicated in hair loss and brittle nails. It’s for this reason that many manufacturers of natural products have decided to produce biotin supplements. But not all biotin supplements are equal. This review takes a look at Thompson’s Biotin, and its various features that contribute to the overall quality of the product.

What’s in Thompson’s Biotin?

Biotin, also known as vitamin H, is the only active ingredient of this product. One of the main functions of biotin is to support the function of keratin. Keratin is a structural protein that gives robustness to hair, skin and nails. Without keratin, these tissues would break a lot more easily. In fact this is evident when someone suffers from a biotin deficiency. A number of scientific studies have implicated a biotin deficiency in certain hair loss conditions and another scientific study showed that whether the participants suffered from biotin deficiency or not, they received an improved quality of growth in their hair when they took biotin supplements.

How Do You Use Thompson’s Biotin?

The directions for using this product are to take one tablet each day after having eaten a meal and with a full glass of water unless a healthcare practitioner prescribes differently. Each tablet contains 150 micrograms of biotin. This is far below the maximum available dosage of 10000 micrograms per tablet. We are not certain that the dosage in this product will actually be effective.

The Cost

The manufacturer does not sell the product directly but relies on third-party retailer websites to do this for them. The biggest third-party retailer websites have no stock of this product which means that it was removed from the market, either for rebranding or because there simply wasn’t a demand for it. Both cases indicate it is likely not a favored product.

Is There a Guarantee?

The manufacturer does not seem to offer any guarantee, probably because they do not sell the product directly. Some manufacturers also rely exclusively on third-party retailers but still offer a guarantee just as a sign of confidence in their product. We can only conclude that this manufacturer doesn’t have very much confidence in their product.

The Conclusion of our Thompson’s Biotin Review

The amount of scientific research that is behind the active ingredient in this product is quite convincing. Unfortunately that seems to be the only positive thing going for this product. There seems to be very little demand for it as it is not available on many other third-party retailer websites. This may be because it was ineffective, mostly due to the incredibly low dosage of biotin that it offered. The manufacturer also cannot assure the quality of the product through a satisfaction guarantee so customers take a risk if they happened to purchase this product somehow.

Customers are truly better off looking at other biotin supplements that have proper doses of biotin and come with a guarantee.

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