Nutrients MD Biotin Review - For Hair Loss, Brittle Nails and Unhealthy Skin

Nutrients MD Biotin Review

Nutrients MD Biotin is a natural supplement specifically made to increase hair growth and nail growth. Biotin also has other roles in the body, but research more strongly suggests that it is best suited as a supplement for these purposes mentioned. Several manufacturers produce biotin supplements, so this review looks at how this one compares to others.

What’s in Nutrients MD Biotin?

This product contains pure biotin as its active ingredient. Biotin is a vitamin that forms a vital component of the protein, keratin. Keratin is the protein that is found in hair, skin and nails. Keratin needs biotin to perform properly and if there is a deficiency of it, the skin becomes cracked and scaly and hair falls out. This ingredient can correct a deficiency, but also improve growth, even if a deficiency is not present. Biotin may present other health benefits because it does have a role in the metabolic pathways of fats and carbohydrates, but the research is still undergoing in this regard.

How Do You Use Nutrients MD Biotin?

It is suggested for the customer to take one capsule a day after having eaten a meal. The supplement should be taken with a glass of water. Each capsule gives 5000 micrograms of biotin. This is quite a high dose of biotin but there are manufacturers that offer 10000 micrograms per capsule. Customers with higher biotin needs may not receive the efficacy from this product that they need, and so they may not get the results that they might be hoping for.

The Cost

The cost of 60 capsules when purchased online is $9. The price of shipping the product is not included in the purchase price, but the manufacturer does offer free shipping on all orders that exceed $50.

Is There a Guarantee?

There isn’t a satisfaction guarantee on the product in terms of receiving a refund for products that have already been opened and the customer being unhappy with the results. Instead there is a returns policy that allows the customer to send the product back to the manufacturer within 15 days from purchase. It is not certain that the manufacturer will accept the return and issue a refund, as explicitly stated in their returns policy.

The Conclusion of our Nutrients MD Biotin Review

The ingredients in this product are researched and it is offered at quite a low price. A very low price isn’t necessarily a good thing for a product. It may indicate that the manufacturer used inferior materials. We couldn’t find any accreditations for quality assertion on this product so this is possible. Although this product has a low price, it is not guaranteed so customers may still end up wasting money on it if it doesn’t work for them. Considering that this product offers a lower dosage than optimal and does not come with a guarantee we do not believe it to be a top quality product and recommend that customers look at other biotin supplements that are more likely to meet their hair growth and nail growth needs.

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