Thornton & Ross Mycota Review - For Reducing Symptoms Associated With Athletes Foot

Thornton & Ross Mycota Review

Thornton & Ross Mycota

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            This product review gives details about Mycota, which is a pharmaceutical product for the treatment of athlete’s foot. It is designed to rid the skin of the fungal infection that causes athlete’s foot and it helps to prevent a secondary bacterial infection. We’ve examined all the facts to help you decide if this is the right product to buy in order to treat athlete’s foot.

            What’s in Thornton & Ross Mycota?

            • Zinc undecylenate – reduces the integrity of the fungus cell membrane, causing the fungus to perish.
            • Undecylenic acid – the same function as zinc undecylenate but slightly different chemical pathway.

            Neither product listed here has been described for use as an anti-inflammatory. This means that there are no active ingredients in this product to reduce inflammation. While eliminating the fungus is important, the patient still experiences the unpleasant symptoms of the infection whilst waiting for the fungus to disappear.

            Another problem with concentrated pharmaceutical ingredients is that they can have noticeable side effects. This one may cause dryness and cracking of the skin. There is no active ingredient to moisten the skin and speed up its healing either.

            How Do You Use Thornton & Ross Mycota?

            In order to use Mycota the affected area needs to be washed and dried first. The cream must be massaged into the affected area in the morning and in the evening with special attention paid to the area  between the toes. It is best to wear a clean pair of socks each day. Even after the infection has cleared customers are advised to continue using Mycota for one week more to prevent a relapse.

            The Cost

            0.88 oz of the cream can be purchased online for the price of $3.55. This price includes taxes but not shipping. We could not find any evidence of discounts offered from the manufacturer’s site for bulk orders or subscription for regular orders.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            Considering that this product is pharmaceutical it is unlikely to have a guarantee. We could not find any evidence of a guarantee despite extensive research. Naturally, it is a little bit risky to use a product that does not have a guarantee because if you do not obtain the results you wanted then the money is simply wasted. There are other athletes foot products that offer a guarantee so this is not a completely unfair expectation.

            The Conclusion of Thornton & Ross Mycota Review

            The active ingredient is so well researched that it is approved by the FDA for its function. This means that the product is very likely to be able to eliminate a fungal infection. Despite this, it’s actually missing ingredients to support the health of skin on the foot and reduce itching and inflammation. So while it is effective in one part of the treatment it does not cover the whole scope.

            Mycota is offered at very reasonable price but the problem with buying products like these is that there is no satisfaction guarantee to support the customer if they feel that the product does not work for them. Customers might want to try natural products that have a satisfaction guarantee.

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