Pure Sunshine Medulla Mood Review - For Relief From Anxiety And Tension

Pure Sunshine Medulla Mood Review

Pure Sunshine Medulla Mood

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            This is a Medulla Mood review, manufactured by Pure Sunshine. It is said that stress can have a negative impact on one’s overall health. The manufacturer claims that this product will promote positive feelings, relaxation, well-being, and support the mood. Furthermore, it will reduce nervous tension, stressful feelings, irritability, and anxiety. Read on to learn more about Pure Sunshine Medulla Mood and if it is worth a try.

            What’s in Pure Sunshine Medulla Mood?

            • 5-HTP
            • GABA
            • Vitamin C
            • Vitamin B6
            • Magnesium
            • Passion Flower
            • Linden Flower
            • Skullcap
            • Rhodiola Rosea

            These ingredients combined target relaxation and calming of the body and mind, whilst also improving serotonin levels and reducing anxiety. For it to be a total care solution for reducing stress and anxiety, one should consider using a daytime and nighttime formula.

            How Do You Use Pure Sunshine Medulla Mood?

            After studying the product’s packaging and the manufacturer’s website, we were unable to find any instructions on how and when the capsules should be taken. The supplement facts label does however provide a customer with a serving size of 2 veggies capsules. This is not enough information to go on and the customer may be putting their health at risk if the product is not taken correctly. Furthermore, if too little it taken the product may be ineffective.

            The Cost

            The manufacturer sells the product online from their website for $29.95. Free shipping is also included. No discounts or bulk packages are offered by the manufacturer. If this product works as the manufacturers indicate, then customers would prefer having the ability to purchase it in bulk or at least receive some form of discount. This product could start costing customers a lot if these options are not available.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            The manufacturer offers a 60-day money-back guarantee on their products. However, there is a long list of rules one must follow. Refunds are limited to 1 opened product per order and all sealed bottles. If there are any additionally opened products, they will not be refunded for. Furthermore, each sealed bottle will be charged a $5 fee for restocking. These rules may lead to complications or frustration if not followed correctly, and customers would choose an alternative product.

            The Conclusion of Our Pure Sunshine Medulla Mood Review

            There are a few positive aspects about Pure Sunshine Medulla Mood. The product contains a good list of ingredients which are essential when targeting anxiety. The dietary supplement also comes in easy to swallow veggie capsules.

            There are however a few negative things about this product which we need to point out. First of all, for it to be a total care solution for reducing stress and anxiety, it would be better choosing a product with a daytime and nighttime formula. Furthermore, the manufacturer does not provide the customer with instructions on when and how to use the product. This is very unprofessional and may cause problems for a customer. Finally, the manufacturer does offer a money-back guarantee, however there are a lot of limitations and rules one must follow before being able to receive your refund. This might hinder customers from returning the product and the risk may stay with themselves. Due to these reasons, we do not recommend Pure Sunshine Medulla Mood.

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