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            Emsam is a transdermal patch that contains the medication selegiline. The patches are used to treat major depressive disorder in adults.  This medication stops the breakdown of the chemicals in that brain that are associated with depression. Selegiline is also used to treat other disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and dementia.


            Emsam’s active ingredient is selegiline.  Since this is not a tablet or capsule, but a transdermal patch, its composition is different than oral medications. The patch is comprised of three layers; a backing which protects the adhesive as well as the medication that is contained in the second layer. The third layer is a thin liner that releases the medication into the patient’s skin.


            The Emsam patch is designed to be worn for 24 hours and comes in a 6 mg, 9 mg or 12 mg patch dose. During this time there is a continuous release of the medication, selegiline. The patch should be replaced at the same time every day. If the patch falls off and will not stick to the skin, a new patch will need to be used.

            Possible Side Effects

            Unlike AnxiClear which doesn’t have any known side effects or interactions with other medication, the Emsam patch does. The most common minor side effects are:

            • Dizziness
            • Dry Mouth
            • Insomnia
            • Muscle pain
            • Rash
            • Nausea
            • Constipation

            Emsam does have more serious side effects such as severe headaches, tachycardia, arrhythmia, hallucinations, chorea, and difficulty breathing. Any of the serious side effects need consultation by a health professional immediately.

            Some people also have sensitivity to the adhesive used in the patch which causes a rash or muscle pain at the site of use.

            There may be other side effects associated with the Emsam patch.

            By using a natural ingredient product like AnxiClear you can avoid these unwanted side effects.

            Will This Product Produce Long-Term Results?

            Emsam has been tested for up to 25 days use in clinical studies.  Continued use would be at the discretion of the prescribing doctor and require further monitoring of the patient.


            A 30-day supply of the Emsam patch costs approximately $1,278 or about $42 per day. The medication can also be found on online pharmacies at a discounted price. There does not appear to be an assistance program or discounts through the manufacturer.


            Emsam is a prescription medication; therefore it does not come with any money-back guarantee.

            However you can report unwanted side effects or other issues to the FDA. The FDA has established a reporting service called MedWatch. Health care professionals and consumers can call to report any problems they believe may be related to the prescription medication they are using by calling 1-800-FDA-1088.

            Conclusion Of Our Emsam Review

            Emsam is a very expensive medication and may be inconvenient for patients to use. If the patient has health insurance this may curb the initial cost.

            Unlike Emsam, AnxiClear uses natural ingredients and is easy to take in capsule form. AnxiClear also removes the worry of adverse interactions to the medication or adhesive used in Emsam. AnxiClear also offers a money back guarantee on their products if you do not see results.

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