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            In this review, we will take a closer look at the dietary supplement NOW Detox Support. The manufacturer developed this product with the aim of supporting the body’s natural detoxification process. Keep on reading to find out more about the ingredients in NOW Detox Support and if it is a detox supplement worth trying.

            What’s in NOW Detox Support?

            • Zinc
            • Selenium
            • Copper
            • Manganese
            • Sodium
            • Sodium Alginate
            • Organic Chlorella
            • MSM
            • Beet Root Powder
            • Red Clover
            • Organic Dandelion Root
            • Oregon Grape Root
            • Milk Thistle Extract
            • Alpha Lipoic Acid

            NOW Detox Support contains ingredients that the manufacturer claims will help promote a healthy internal cleanse by eliminating the toxins in the body. The herbs in the product claim to help provide a healthy liver and gastrointestinal tract. Based on the research we have done, the product does not seem to contain ingredients such as fennel, ginger, cape aloe, oats, aloe vera, citrus pectin, or cascara sagrada. The absence of these ingredients may cause the product to be less effective in comparison with other brands.

            How Do You Use NOW Detox Support?

            The manufacturer recommends that the user take 3 capsules per day with water either before meals or at bedtime. It is best to take the supplement at least 2-hours apart from medication or other supplements. The manufacturer also suggests that it is best to take additional supplements such as pectin or psyllium. It is also important to drink a lot of water. When looking at other brands, these products already contain fibers such as oats and citrus pectin.

            The Cost

            Customers can purchase the product online from the manufacturer’s website. A bottle will cost $23.99. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide discounts or cost effective bundle deals for the customer.

            Is There a Guarantee?

            After studying the manufacturer’s website, we were unable to find any evidence of a money-back guarantee. Customers will not be able to ask for a refund on products that do not work. Thus, there is a risk when buying from this manufacturer.

            The Conclusion of Our NOW Detox Support Review

            We have reviewed NOW Detox Support and come across a few things that we like about the product. The manufacturer provides clear instructions on when and how the supplement should be taken.

            Nonetheless, there are many more things about the product that we do not like. First of all, the manufacturer does not offer a money-back guarantee and will leave their customers at risk if the product does not provide positive results. Furthermore, the product does not contain clinically proven ingredients that are essential in a 7 day detox supplement. Also, the product does not contain fibers and the manufacturer recommends that you purchase additional supplements. However, many other brands already have fiber in the detox capsule. Finally, the manufacturer fails to provide a discount or bundle deals, which other brands do provide.

            As a result of these aspects mentioned above, we are unable to safely recommend NOW Detox Support as an effective 7 day detox supplement.

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