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* From time to time Consumer Health Review is able to negotiate a special discounted price of its editor’s choice winner for its readers. HemClear was gracious enough to give us such a discount. Feel free to order here or directly from HemClear’s website.
For more information about HemClear please go to www.hemclear.com. Don’t feel obligated to by from this site. You can also order HemClear directly from the manufacture’s website.
*Receive 3 bottles Free (6 bottles for the price of 3)
6 bottle prevention 150x145 HemClearPrevention Program For those prone to hemorrhoids this program can prevent future flare ups or even potential surgery. Take the recommended dosage until the hemorrhoids are gone, then take 1-2 a day to prevent them from coming back or keep for next flare up. Reg Price: 359.70 You Save:    210.00 Your Price: 149.70 buy now HemClear Limited Time NEW Price: 139.70
*Receive 2 bottles Free (4 bottles for the price of 2)
4 bottles 150x145 HemClearAggressive Program

A robust program recommended for more advanced hemorrhoids to quickly reduce pain & swelling, removing internal and external hemorrhoids. This is HemClear’s top selling program. Its cost effective and it works.

Reg Price: 239.80 You Save:    120.00 Your Price: 119.80 buy now HemClear Limited Time: NEW Price: 99.80
*Receive 2nd bottle for $10
2 bottle HemClear2 Week Hemorrhoid Treatment Perfect for mild cases of hemorrhoids that wont go away. The extra bottle is a good idea to ward of future flare ups, just in case. Reg Price: 119.90 You Save:    50.00 Your Price: 69.90 buy now HemClear 
1 bottle HemClear1 Week Hemorrhoid Treatment The 1 week supply is good for mild hemorrhoids. But we recommend getting at least a 2 week. If they clear up in advance then you have the extra bottle for $10 for the next flare up. Reg Price: 59.950 You Save:    10.00 Your Price: 49.95 buy now HemClear
Shipping: HemClear ships discreetly and within 24 hrs (weekdays). Orders recieved on the weekend will ship out first thing on Monday.  Expect delivery within 4-5 business days by the United States Postal Service. A charge for shipping and handling will be applied at checkout. We ship to the United States, Canada, and Internationally. All orders will be shipped out of the US, so there will be additional delivery time for shipments outside of the US. The option of Express Delivery will be available at checkout for immediate delivery. Orders recieved on the weekend will ship out first thing Monday. Orders placed after 12:00noon will go out the next business day. 60 Day- Money Back Guarantee: One of the reasons why HemClear is our the Editor’s Choice is due to the fact that if HemClear does not work for you, you can always return it. If the product doesn’t work, HemClear offers a 60 day, money back guarantee. Please see hemclear.com for details.
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